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Rain And You (비와 당신)

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Easy Intermediate
Min Ja Jang (KOR) - September 2021
Rain and You (비와 당신) - Lee Mujin (이무진) : (슬기로운 의사생활 시즌2 OST Part 1)
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Intro: 32c
Restart: The end of wall 4 - 16 count step change( facing start 12:00)

S1 : Cross (1/8 R) with Hitch(1/4 L), walk R, L, R, LF 1/2 Pivot turn Left (4:30), Full turn left (R, L) sweep R, Cross, Side, Back With Sweep(R ,L)
1&Step LF diagonal Forward(1:30), Step RF 1/4 turn Left Hitch(10:30)
2&3Forward walk R, L, R(10:30)
4&5LF 1/2 Pivot turn Left Forward(4:30), RF 1/2 turn left back , LF 1/2 turn left Forward with sweep (4:30)
6&7Step RF Cross, Step LF Side, Step RF back With Sweep
8Step LF back With Sweep (4:30)

S2 : 1/8 Right Back Rock, Recover, Hitch 1/4Left, Side, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Side LF, RF (3:00)
1 2&Step RF 1/8 Right Back Rock(6:00), Step LF Recover, Step RF 1/4 Left Hitch(3:00),
3 4&Step RF Side, LF Behind, RF Side,
5 6&Step LF Cross Rock, Recover, Side
7 8&Step RF Cross Rock, Recover, Side

S3 : Fallaway diamond (Cross, Side, Back, Back, Side, Forward(12:00)
1 2&Step LF Cross over RF, Step RF R to R Side, Step LF Turn 1/8 L stepping back(1:30),
3 4&Step RF Back, Step LF Turn 1/8 L to L Side, Step RF Forward (12:00)
5 6&Step LF Forward Rock, Recover , Step LF beside to RF
7 8Walk Forward R, L

S4 : Nightclub Basic (9:00), Nightclub Basic (12:00), Sway (R, L), beside, Cross ,1/2 turn left, together (6:00)
1 2&Step RF 1/4 turn left to right Side, Step LF beside RF, Cross RF Over LF
3 4&Step LF 1/4 turn right to left Side, Step RF beside LF, Cross LF Over RF
5 6&Step RF right side Sway(R, L), Step RF beside LF,
7&8&Step LF Cross,1/4 turn left back, 1/4 turn left side, Step RF beside LF(6:00)
*Restart : The end of wall 4- 8& count step Change (facing start 12:00)
*5 6& Step LF Cross Rock, Recover, Side(9:00)
*7 8& Step RF Cross , Step LF 1/4 turn right back, Step RF right side(12:00)

* Enjoy the dance


Yksg September 23, 2021
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