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Seven Nights

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - September 2021
Seven Nights - Mysie
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Intro: 16 counts *1 Tag at end of wall 4 for 4 c's

Toe/Heel, Rocking Chair
1-4R toe fwd. R Heel down, L toe fwd. L heel down
5-8Step R fwd. Rock back on L, Rock back on R, return fwd. L

Jazz Box in Place, Pivot ½ to L
1-4Step R over L, step back on L, Step on R, step on L
5-8Step R fwd. turning ¼ L, step fwd. on R, turning ¼ on L

V Step
1-4Step R fwd. diagonally, touch L to R, step back L diagonally, step R to L
5-8Step fwd. L diagonally, touch R to L, step back R diagonally, step on L

Step R, Step L, turning ¼ To R
1-4Step R wide, touch L to R, Touch L to L side, touch L to R (4 counts),
5-8Step L wide, touch R to L (2 c's), step R fwd. turning ¼ L, step on L (2 c's)

*1 Tag: Do 1 Out, Out, In, In, and start over. (4 counts)

That's it! Hope you like it!
All easy step to remember. My goal is to make these routines easy for beginners. Easy to catch on to.


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