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Gives Me Shivers

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Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - October 2021
Shivers - Ed Sheeran
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Hop forward, Hold, Bump L, Bump R, Slow Roll
&1,2Hop R forward (&), Step L next to R (1), Hold (2)
3,4Bump L hip L side (3), Bump R hip R side (4)
5-8Bump hips from L side to R side (Roll Hips Counterclockwise)

Cross Rock, Triple Side, Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn Triple
1,2Cross R over L (1), Recover back on L (2)
3&4Triple Side R (R,L,R)
5,6Cross L over R (5), Recover back on R (6) (Shimmy upper body)
7&8Triple Side left making 1/4 turn over L shoulder (L,R,L) (9:00)

Cross Point, Cross Point, 1/4 Turn Jazz-box
1,2Cross R over L (1), Point L side L (2)
3,4Cross L over R (3), Point R side R (4)
5,6Cross R over L (5), Step L back 1/4 turn over R shoulder (6) (12:00)
7,8Step R side R (7), Cross L over R (8)

Step Touch, Step Touch, 1/4 Turn Rolling Vine
1,2Step R side R (1), Cross touch L toe over R (2)
3,4Step L side L (3), Cross touch R toe over L (4)
5,6Step R 1/4 turn over R shoulder (5), Step back L 1/2 turn over R shoulder (6) (9:00)
7,8Step R forward 1/2 over R shoulder (7), Step L forward (3:00)
Option without turn
5,6Step R side (5), Step L behind R (6)
7,8Step R 1/4 turn over R shoulder (7), Step L forward (8) (3:00)

Fun option for the last section (5-8). Happens when the music kicks up and during the chorus in the song. There will be 4 bass beats to hop
5-8Hop on the bass beat in the music and finish a 1/4 turn to new wall. It will feel like 5 jumps forward because you start the dance with a hop forward. Have fun with this!

Suggested Rotation - Last 4 counts of dance
Walls - 1,6 - Regular 1/4 turn vine
Walls - 2,7,11 - Rolling Vine with 1/4 turn
Walls - 3,8,12 - Hop section
Walls - 4,5,9,10,13,14 - Hop Section w/Shimmy (Shivers)

Last Update - 7 Dec. 2021 R2

2022 4 FEB 6 30 JUN '23 100


BrittB November 2, 2021
love it Brandon - this is what line dancing is all about. something easy & for everyone & fun!!!!!

DanseNina November 7, 2021
Agree BrittB - in the jungel of dances to this track - my fav - and the one we dance.

Rancher November 9, 2021
We love this dance, all levels are joining in on the fun easy steps

Audrey Flament November 16, 2021
Love it and dancers too! Having fun dancing it here in France, great job Brandon!

DancingQueen November 27, 2021
Yes - of all the dances to this music, this is our favorite. My group generally tends to the intermediate/advanced dances, but this proves that an improver dance can dominate!

WonderWebb February 1, 2022
Great refreshing dance , loved dancing it at Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool.

Dawniediddle February 1, 2022
Amazing dance. So much fun. Love it x

Susan Duncan February 4, 2022
Absolutely one of my favorite dances! I'm teaching it to all my classes! AB to's just that much fun! ❤

gypsycowgirl February 24, 2022
such fun x

Elaine 2020 September 11, 2022
Such a fun dance. Teaching it this week.

Teresa1968 March 1, 2023
Great dance. Good fun

2leftfeet! July 27, 2023
My favorite dance for shivers. Thank you so much for making this.

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