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C'est Cuit

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Angéline Fourmage (FR) & Maryse Fourmage (FR) - 30 September 2021
Start : 16 Count (10 s. approximately)

Sequence : A- A-A-16-A-16-A-A

[1-8] Mambo, Coaster-Step, Triple-Step, Step Turn ½ R, Flick
1&2RF FW, Recover to LF, RF Back
3&4LF Back, RF next to LF, LF FW
5&6R Triple-Step (RF FW, LF next to RF, RF FW)
7-8LF FW, Make ½ R with L Flick behind

[9-16] Mambo, Coaster-Step, Triple-Step, Step Turn ¼ L
1&2LF FW, Recover to RF, LF Back
3&4RF Back, LF next to RF, RF FW
5&6L Triple-Step (LF FW, RF next to LF, LF FW)
7-8RF FW, Make ¼ L *Restart

[17-24] Toe-strut, Toe-strut, Jazz-Box
1-2R Toe FW, Down your R Heel (option : Bump)
3-4L Toe FW, Down your L Heel (option : Bump)
5-6Cross RF over LF, LF Back
7-8RF to the R side, Cross LF over RF

[25-32] Mambo, Mambo, Out, Out, Bounces
1&2RF to the R side, Recover to LF, RF next to LF
3&4LF to the L side, Recover to RF, LF next to RF
5-6RF FW on R Diagonal, LF FW on L Diagonal
7&8&Bouncesx2 (Heels up, Heels down, Heels up, Heels down)

Smile et enjoy the dance

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