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But My Heart Goes

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Novice - Non Country
Barbara Wöhry (AUT) - October 2021
Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) - Joel Corry
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Counter Clockwise, Funky

Kick & Point x2, Step, cross and cross, Step
1&2RF Kick(1), RF step next to LF (&), Point LF to the left(2)
3&4LF Kick(3), LF step next to RF(&),Point RF to the right (4)
5RF step in right diagonal
6&7LF cross behind RF and hitch RF (6), RF step in right diagonal (&), LF cross behind RF and hitch RF(7)
8RF step in right diagonal

Kick and Touch x2, side, behind, quarter turn, step, touch
9&10LF kick in left diagonal(9), LF step to the left while kicking the RF in the right diagonal(&), RF touch behind LF(10)
11&12RF kick in right diagonal(11), RF step to right while kicking LF in left diagonal(&), LF touch behind RF(12)
13LF step to the left
14RF cross behind LF
15turn ¼ to the left and step LF to the front (9:00)
16RF touch next to LF

Press and step, Paddle turn ½
17&18RF step to right and press(17), recover to LF(&), RF step next to LF(18)
19&20LF step to left and press(19), recover to RF(&), LF step next to RF(20)
21&22&RF step slightly into right Diagonal(21), recover to LF and turn 1/8 to the left(&), RF step into right diagonal(22), recover to LF and turn 1/8 to the left(&) (6:00)
23&24&RF step slightly in the right Diagonal (23), recover to LF and turn 1/8 to the left (&), RF step into right diagonal(24), recover to LF and turn 1/8 to the left(&)(3:00)
Heel grind x2, jazz box ½ turn
25RF step on the heel turning to the right diagonal
26&recover weight to LF(26), RF step next to LF(&)
27LF step on the heel turning to the left diagonal
28&recover weight to RF (28), LF step next to RF (&)
29RF cross over LF
30LF step to the back turning 1/4
31RF step to the front turning 1/4
32LF step to the front (9:00)


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