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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) & Paul Steinborn (DE) - September 2021
Move - American Authors, Rob Thomas & Santana
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Seq: A-A20-B-TAG1-A-B-B-TAG2-B-B

Part A: 32c
Side, Touch, 1/4 R, Shuffle Fwd, Rock R, Recover, Coaster Step
1-2-3Step L to L (1), Touch R next L (2), 1/4 R and put Weight on R (3)
4&5Step L forward (4), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (5),
6-7Rock R forward (6), Recover on L (7),
8&1Step R Behind (8), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (1)

Pivot 1/2 L, 1/4 L, Swing Hips R and L, 3/8 R, Walk, Shuffle Fwd
2-3Pivot 1/2 on your L (2), 1/4 L Step R to side and Swing hips to the R (3)
4-5Touch L to L slightly forward (4), Step L to L and Swing your hips to L(5)
6-7On ball of L and with the help of your hips moving to the L, do a 3/8 R (6), Step R forward facing diagonal 1.30' (7)
8&1Step L forward (8), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (1)

Hold, and Back, Hold, and 1/4 L, Step 1/4L, Cross Rock 1/4R Step
2&3Hold (2), do 1/8L to face 12' and Step R to R (&), Step L Back (3)
4&5Hold (4), Step R next L (&), 1/4 L Step L forward (5)
Restart here after count (&) on wall 2
6-7Step R forward (6), Pivot 1/4L weight on L (7),
8&1Cross and Rock R over L (8), Recover L (&), 1/4R Step R forward (1)

Step, 1/4 R, Kick and Touch, Drag, Together
2-3Step L forward (2), 1/4 R Step R to R (3),
4&5Kick L forward (4), Step L next R (&), Touch R to R (5)
Optional : You can bend your L knee as you touch R to R to hit the lyrics « Low » in the music
6-7-8Drag R to L (6-7), Step R next L (8)

Part B: 48c
Big Step L, Together, Cross, 5/8 L , Hands
1-2-3Big Step L to L (1), Slowly drag R to L(2), Step R next L (3)
4-5-6Cross L over R (4), 1/4 L Step R back (5), 3/8 L Step L to L (6) facing 4.30',
7&Bring both hands in front of your chest, like you are getting ready to clap your hands but NO, you just missed your claps, instead your R hand will cross forward (7), bring back both hands back to a parallel/initial position(&)
8&This time your L hand Cross forward (8), bring back both hands in front of your chest, palm facing forward (&)
As you do those hands movements, try to make the illusion that you are doing waves with your hands, bend your fingers when you cross both hands and straight fingers when hands go back.

Touch, Push, 1/8 L Touch, Push, Step 1/2L, Walk, 1/4 R Back
1-2Touch R next L and Keep R hand up with the palm facing front (1) Push L foot behind and release your L arm as your L foot is going backward (2)
3-41/8 L Stepping on the ball of your L and raising L arm up with palm of the hand facing front (3), Push R behind and release your R arm as your R foot is going backward (4)
5-6Step R forward (5), Pivot 1/2 L Step L forward (6)
7-8Step R forward (7), 1/4 R Step L back (8)

Step Back with Body Roll, Together, Forward, Touch and Touch, Hitch Cross, 1/2L Unwind
1-2Step R back starting a Body Roll with your head going backward (1), End the Body Roll as far as you can (2)
3-4Step L next R (3), Step R forward (4)
5&6Touch L to L (5), Bring L next R (&), Touch R to R (6)
&7-8Hitch R knee (&), Cross R over L (7), Unwind 1/2 L (8) weight is on your L

Weave, Cross and Cross and Jazz Box
1&2&Bring R hand in front of your chest palm facing down and fingers pointing L, Start doing waves moving hand to the L, Fingers go down (1), Traveling to L they go Up (&), Traveling to L they go Down (2), Traveling to L they go Up (&)
3&4&Cross R over L (3), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (4), Step L to L (&) As you are crossing R over your L, Keep weaving with your R hand to the L
5-6Cross R over L (5), Step L Back (6)
7-8Step R to R (7), Cross L over R (8)

1/4 L Big Step back, Coaster Step, Walk Walk, Rock in Chair
1-21/4 L Big Step R back (1), Drag L next to R (2)
3&4Step L back (3), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (4)
5-6Walk R,L (5-6)
7&8&Rock R forward (7), Recover (&), Rock R back (8), Recover (&),

Step, Flick, Cross, 3/4 R Unwind, Rock, Recover, Out-Out
1-2Step R to R (1), Flick L to L (2)
&3-4Hitch L (&) Cross L over R (3), Unwind 3/4 R (4) weight is on your R
5-6Rock L forward (5), Recover on R (6),
7-8Step L back out (7), Step R out (8)

1-2&3Step L to L (1), Cross R behind L (2), Step L to L(&), Cross Rock R over L (3)
4&5Recover on L (4) Step R to R (&), Cross L over R (5)
6-7-8Unwind Full turn ending with weight on R (6-7-8)
*If you can, try to do every step on every trumpet beat, you will need to listen the music a few times to get use to*

1-2-3-4For 4 counts, shake your hips and all your body and get ready to start part B

Well done, you made it ! Restart the dance and keep smiling ;)


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