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Drives Me Crazy

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Ruby Withers (UK) & Heather Gronow (UK) - October 2021
( or any alternative tracks )

#8 count intro: No Tags or Restarts

Section 1: Rock fwd back, Walk back and cross, Side behind
1 - 4 Rock fwd on R, rec on L, Walk back R, L
5&6 Walk back on R, side step on L, Cross R over L
7 - 8 Step L to left side, Cross R behind

Section 2: ¼ Shuffle, Fwd Shuffle, Step pivot 1/4 turn, Cross Shuffle
1&2 Step L ¼ turn to L, Bring R tog, Step Fwd L
3&4 Step fwd on R, Bring L tog, Step Fwd R
5 - 6 Step fwd on L, Pivot ¼ turn to right
7&8 Cross L over right, bring R to L, Step L over right

Section 3: Rumba fwd, touch, Rumba back, touch
1 - 4 Step R to right side, bring L tog, Step fwd R, touch with L
5 - 8 Step L, to left side, tog with R, Step back L, touch with R

Section 4: Vine right, touch, Side behind shuffle 1/4 turn
1 - 4 Step R to side, step R behind, Step L to side, touch with L
5 - 6 Step L to left side, Step R behind
7&8 Step L to left side making ¼ turn, tog with R, Step Fwd L


* I would like to add how proud I am of my granddaughter Ruby (age 10), for creating this dance.
I only helped to write it down. Well done Ruby x


Keep on Dancin October 29, 2021
She's a sweet kid--and smart!! Be proud!!
Great little dance--well done Ruby!!!!!

Burning Boots Linedancers October 29, 2021
Thank you :D

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