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The Highlander (UK) - December 2021
Everywhere (BBC Children In Need) - Niall Horan & Anne-Marie
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Intro - 16 Counts from 1st heavy beat (Approx 24 seconds)

Sec 1 Forward Rock, Shuffle Back, Coaster Step, Kick Ball Step.
1-2Rock Forward onto R, Recover onto L,
3&4Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R back,
5&6Step L Back, Step R next to L, Step L forward,
7&8Kick R foot forward, Step R next to L, Step L forward.

Sec 2 Point & Point & Heel & Heel & Step ¼ Turn, Step ¼ Turn .
1&2&Point R to right side, step R next to L, Point L to left side, Step L next to R,
3&4&Touch R heel forward, Step R next to L, Touch L heel forward, Step L next to R,
5-6Step R forward, Turn ¼ left returning weight to L,
7-8Step R forward, Turn ¼ left returning weight to L (06.00)
****** Restart here during wall 3 (Facing 12-00) ******

Sec 3 Cross Rock, Chassé, Cross Rock, Chassé.
1-2Cross Rock R over L, Recover onto L,
3&4Step R to right side, Step L next to R, Step R to right side,
5-6Cross Rock L over R, Recover onto R,
7&8Step L to left side, Step R next to L, Step L to left side.

Sec 4 Cross, Side, ¼ R, Flick L Back, Step, ½ Turn Left, Shuffle ½ Turn left.
1-2Cross R over L, Step L to left side,
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping back onto R, Flick L foot back,
5-6Step L forward, Turn ½ left stepping back onto R,
7&8Shuffle ½ turn left stepping L,R,L. (9.00)

Restart at the end of section 2 during wall 3 (Facing 12.00)


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MERMAIDSANDWALES December 21, 2021
Merry Christmas HIGHLANDER aka a A List ar.. of linedance You know I am a fan of your choreography Congratulations and Best Wishes for 2022 Vicky and the Dancers MERMAIDSANDWALES XXXX

ldhighlander December 22, 2021
Thank you Vicky and a merry Christmas to you and all your dancers. Lets hope our dancing will be without interruption in 2022.

Jules56 December 27, 2021
Love this what a fab beginner dance on my teach list when we return in January here in Almeria Spain xx

MERMAIDSANDWALES December 30, 2021
The more you dance this dance the more you love it Congratulations Alistair a well deserved top of the charts to end 2021
Happy New Year to You and your dancers and Best wishes for 2022 fingers crossed Vicky XX

ldhighlander December 30, 2021
Thank you Jules56. With so many dances to chose from I am delighted you intend to teach this one.

ldhighlander December 30, 2021
Vicky your comments are always so kind and generous. Hope you have a Happy New Year in Wales. x

YA Dancer January 19, 2022
Fab dance, great choice of track. Thank you x

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