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Oh Soleil Soleil

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Low Improver
Roy Hoeben (NL), Ivonne Verhagen (NL) & Silvia Schill (DE) - December 2021
Here Comes The Sun - Belle Perez
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Walk- walk, mambo, coaster, paddle ¼ turn.
1 2 3&4RF walk forward, LF walk forward, RF rock forward, LF recover weight, RF step back.
5&6 7 8LF step back, RF Next LF, LF step forward, RF step forward, ¼ turn left (use hips).

Paddle ¼ turn, cross samba 2x, cross, hold.
1 2 3&4RF step forward, ¼ turn left (use hips), RF cross over, LF rock left, RF recover weight.
5&6 7 8LF cross over, RF rock right, LF recover weight, RF cross over, hold.

Ball, cross shuffle, side rock cross, side step, touch behind, sway 2x, hook.
&1&2 3&4LF step on ball, RF cross over, LF step left, RF cross over, LF rock left, RF recover weight, LF cross over.
5 6 7 8RF step right, LF touch behind RF, LF step left sway left, RF sway right LF hook for RF.

¼ turn shuffle forward, step ½ turn, shuffle ½ turn, coaster step.
1&2 3 4LF ¼ turn left step forward, RF next LF, LF step forward, RF step forward, LF ½ turn left.
Restart on walls 2-4-6 and 9.
5&6 7&8RF ¼ turn left step right, LF next RF, RF ¼ turn left step back, LF step, RF next LF, LF step forward.

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Suus December 9, 2021
Great dance!

Sjoniel December 10, 2021
Love it!

Riana Louw December 13, 2021
Oooh love the different stylings!!

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