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I Like the Way

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James Hart (USA) - December 2021
(I Like) The Way You Love Me - Michael Jackson
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Weight Starts On LF

Jazz square with cross, sway
1Cross RF over LF
2Step LF to left side
3Step RF in place
4Cross step LF over RF
5Step RF to right side
6Step LF to left side and sway hips to left
7Sway hips to right side
8Sway hips to left side

Cross, toe taps, weave with 1/2 turn
1Cross step RF across LF
2Tap left toe diagonally forward left
3Tap left toe diagonally back right
4Step LF diagonally forward left
5Step RF behind LF
61/4 turn pivot to left (CCW) while on RF, step LF forward
71/4 turn pivot to left (CCW) while on LF, step RF to right side
8Step LF behind RF

Diagonal step slides and shuffles
1Step RF diagonally forward to right
2&Slide LF up to RF and step on LF (2), step RF diagonally forward to right (&)
3,4Step LF beside Rf, step RF diagonally to right
5Step LF diagonally forward to left
6&Slide RF up to LF and step on RF (6),step LF diagonally forward to left (&)
7,8Step RF beside LF, step LF diagonally to left

Syncopated rock step, push-n-turn, 1/4 turn side behind cross
1-2Rock forward on RF, recover back on LF
&3-4Rock back on RF, recover forward on LF, step forward on RF
5-6Step forward on LF, 1/2 turn CW and step forward on RF
7&8Pivoting 1/4 turn to right (CW) on RF, step LF to left side, step RF behind LF, step LF to left side



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