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Cherry Bottom Boom (aka U Gurl)

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Rick Dominguez (USA), Adia Nuno (USA) & Jonno Liberman (USA) - December 2021
U Gurl - Walker Hayes
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[1-8] Syncopated Vine, Cross Triple, Rock Recover, Bumpsx3 (ends facing 12:00)
1, 2&Step R to R side, Cross L behind R, Step R to R side
3&4Cross L over R, Step R to right, Cross L over R
5, 6Rock R towards 1:30, recover weight to L
7&8Shift weight R, Shift weight L, Shift weight R (taking full weight)
Styling: Rocks and weight shifts can be amplified with hips bumping in direction of weight shift

[9-16] Step, Pivot, Syncopated Vine, Cross Rock Recover, ½ Turn Triple Step (end facing 3:00)
1, 2,Making a quarter turn towards 3:00 step L forward, ½ pivot over R shoulder to face 9:00
3, 4&Step L to left side (may go slightly forward and that's ok), Cross R behind L, Step L to L side
5, 6Cross rock R towards 11:00, Recover weight to L
7&8Making a ½ turn over R shoulder step R step L step R to face 3:00 (this may travel towards 12:00)

[17-24] Kick-Step-Point x2, Rock Recover, ½ Turn, ½ Turn (end facing 3:00)
1&2Low kick L foot forward, Step L forward (or slightly cross over R), Point R to R side
3&4Low kick R foot forward, Step R forward (or slightly cross over L), Point L to L side
5, 6Rock L foot forward, recover weight on R
7, 8Making a ½ turn over L shoulder step L foot forward towards 9:00, Making a ½ turn over L shoulder step R foot backwards towards 3:00

[25-32] Push, Knee Popx3, Rock Recover Cross, Side Rock Recover, Cross Rock Recover (end at 3:00)
&1Step back R, Close L to R pushing hips backwards
2, 3, 4Pop R knee (slight travel forward), Pop L knee (slight travel forward), Pop R knee (slight travel)
5&6Rock R to R side, Recover weight to L, Cross R over L
7&8&Rock L to L side, Recover weight to , Rock L over R, recover weight to R

[33-40] Slide, Touch R, Touch or Heel L, Touch R, Ball Rock Recover, Coaster Step (end facing 3:00)
1, 2&Big step towards L side dragging R foot, Touch R next to L, Step R in place
3, &4Touch L forward with either toe (or heel modified), Step L in place, Touch R next to L
&5&6Step R in place, Step L forward, twist both heels up with body rotating to R, Recover weight on R
7&8Step L back, Close R to L, Step L forward

Rick Dominguez
Adia Nuño
Jonno Liberman


Herman Baso December 31, 2021

MamaRogers August 5, 2022
LOVE LOVE LOVE this dance! We need the choreographers to do a demo though! :)

LidiaAna April 15, 2024
Section 4, counts 1&2…shouldn’t it be step back L, step together R?

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