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Cold Hearts (P)

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Improver Pattern Partner
Paula Frohn (USA) - December 2021
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) - Elton John & Dua Lipa
Everywhere (BBC Children In Need) - Niall Horan & Anne-Marie : (BBC Children in Need)
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Start in Side-by-Side position, Man & Lady's footwork is the same throughout

Step Side, Together, Forward, Touch. Side. Together, Forward, Touch
1-4Step R to right side, step L together, step R forward, touch L toe next to R
5-8Step L to left side, step R together, step L forward, touch R toe next to L

Rocking Chair Right, Pivot ¼ Left, Cross Front, Step Side
9-10Rock R forward, replace weight onto L
11-12Rock R back, replace weight onto L
13-14Step R forward, drop R hands, pivot 1/4 turn left, changing weight to L
15-16Rejoin R hands, cross R in front of L, step L to left side

Step Behind, Step ¼ Left, Pivot ½ Left, Step Forward, Man: Walk Forward L-R-L
Lady: Two ½ Turns R, Step Forward
17-18Cross R behind L, turn ¼ left, dropping R hands & raise L hands, step forward L
19-20Step R forward, pivot ½ left changing weight to L
21Step forward R
22-24Man: Walk forward L-R-L
Lady: turn ½ right, step back, turn ½ right, step forward R, step forward L
Rejoin R hands

Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Step, Lock, Step, Brush
25-28Step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward, brush L
29-32Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward, brush R

Start over! Enjoy!

Variation, for Ladies (in place of rocking chair): 9-12 Drop R hands, step forward R, pivot ½ L, repeat

Jus' Gotta Country Dance, Paula Frohn


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