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Can't Stop The Feeling

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Denice Machado (USA) & Lynn Funk (USA) - January 2022
CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! - Justin Timberlake
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Starts at 16 counts into the song (at vocals)

Shuffling Rhumba Box - Back then Forward
1-2 3&4Step R Foot to Right, Step L Foot next to R Foot, Shuffle Back (R,L,R)
5-6 7&8Step L Foot to Left, Step R Foot next to L Foot, Shuffle Forward (L,R,L)

Step Lock, with Syncopated Lock Step Right and Left
1-2Step R Foot Forward, Step L Foot Behind R Foot,
3&4Step R Foot Forward, Step L Foot Behind R Foot, Step R Foot Forward.
5-6Step L Foot Forward, Step R Foot Behind L Foot,
7&8Step L Foot Forward, Step R Foot Behind L Foot, Step L Foot Forward
Angling the body gives a little more definition to the lock steps.

Cross and 1/4 R Turn with Sweeps
1-2Cross R Foot over L, Step Back on L Foot and Turn 1/4 Right (3:00)
3-4Sweep R Foot Behind L Foot and Step Down on R Foot, Sweep L Foot Behind R Foot and Step Down on L Foot
5-6Repeat 3 and 4
7-8Rock Back on R Foot and Recover on L Foot

Shuffles Forward (R,L,R and L,R,L) and 1/4 Right Turning Crossing Jazz Box
1&2Shuffle Forward (R,L,R),
3&4Shuffle Forward (L,R,L)
5-8Cross R Foot Over L Foot, Step Back on L Foot, Turn 1/4 R and Step R Foot to Right and Cross L Foot over R Foot (6:00)

End of Dance. There could have been a tag/restart near the end but we opted to not stop the flow of the dance.

We hope you enjoy!

Contact: Denice Machado and Lynn Funk -


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