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In Heaven

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Intermediate NC2
Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - January 2022
Heaven - Jason Aldean : (Album: Macon)
Heaven - Bryan Adams
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Intro: 18 Counts (16 Counts +2)....15 Secs. (Start on Vocals)
Alternative Track : 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams....Album : Anthology (CD1)

1/2 Turn L. Sweep. Weave R. Hitch. Cross. Side. Back Rock. Side Step. Behind. Right Sweep. Behind. 1/4 Turn L.
1Turn 1/2 Left Stepping Right back sweeping Left from front to back. 6 o'clock
2&3Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right hitching Right knee across Left.
4&5Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left side. Rock Right back behind Left.
6&7Recover weight on L. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left behind Right and sweep Right from front to back.
8&Cross Right behind Left. Turn 1/4 Left stepping Left forward. 3 o'clock.

1/4 Turn Basic Night Club. Spiral 1/2 Turn R. Side. Cross. Hip Sways: Right, Left. 1/4 Turn R. Chase 1/2 Turn R.
1,2&Turn 1/4 Left stepping Right to R side. Rock Left back behind Right. Recover weight on Right. 12 o'clock.
3Turn 1/4 R stepping Left back as you hook Right across L and continue making a 1/4 R with R hooked. 6 o'clock
4&Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right.
5 - 7Step Right to Right side swaying hips Right. Sway hips Left. Turn 1/4 R stepping Right forward. 9 o'clock
8&1Step Left forward. Turn 1/2 Right. Step forward on Left. 3 o'clock

Triple Full Turn Forward. Forward Rock. Back-Drag. Back-Together. Cross Rock. Side Touch. Side Step.
2&3Turn 1/2 L stepping R back. Turn 1/2 L stepping L forward. Step Right forward. 3 o'clock
4&5Rock Left forward. Recover weight on Right. Step big step back on Left dragging Right towards Left.
6&Step Right back. Close Left beside Right.
7&Cross Rock Right over Left. Recover weight on Left.
8&1Step Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right. Step big step to Left side.

Back Rock. 1/4 Turn Left. Back Rock. 1/2 Turn Right. Sweep. Back Rock. Full Turn Left.
2&3Rock back on Right. Recover weight on Left. Turn 1/4 Left stepping Right to Right side. 12 o'clock.
4&5Rock Left back. Recover weight on Right. Turn 1/2 Right stepping L back sweeping R from front to back.
6&Rock back on Right. Recover weight on Left. 6 o'clock
7 - 8Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right back. Turn 1/2 Left stepping Left forward. ** Restart here on Wall 5
Non-Turning Option for Counts 7 - 8: Prissy Walks forward Right & Left.

Right Cross Rock. Left Cross Rock.
1,2&Cross rock Right over Left lifting Left slightly behind Right. Recover weight back on Left. Step Right beside Left.
3,4&Cross rock Left over Right lifting Right slightly behind Left. Recover weight on Right. Step Left beside Right.

Start Again!

*Tag: At the end of Wall 2, facing 12 o'clock wall, add on the following 6 count tag.
Walk. Step 1/2 Turn Right. Walk. Step 1/2 Turn Left. Prissy Walk Forward X2.
1,2&Walk forward on Right. Step Left forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Right.
3,4&Walk forward on Left. Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Left.
5 - 6Walk forward on Right crossing slightly over Left. Walk forward on Left crossing slightly over Right.

**Restart: On Wall 5 Dance 32 Counts and restart the dance again facing 6 o'clock Wall.
2022 18 JAN 4 26 JAN '22 50


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