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Mambo Like Crazy

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Easy Beginner
Lucia Clementi (USA) - January 2022
Mambo Italiano - Rosemary Clooney : (Album: The Essential Rosemary Clooney)
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Intro: Dance begins 16 counts after introduction on lyrics "Hey Mambo".
*There is a restart on wall 5 at 12:00 after dancing 16 counts

Section 1 (1-8) Mambo forward, Mambo back with holds
1-4Rock forward R (1), Recover L (2), Rock back R (3), hold (4) (12:00)
5-8Rock back L (5), Recover R (6), Rock forward (7), hold (8)

Section 2 (9-16) R & L Side Crosses with Kicks
1-4Step R to right side (1), Cross L over right (2), Step R to right side (3), kick L (4)
5-8Step L to left side (5), Cross R over left (6), Step L to left side (7), kick R (8)
*Restart here on wall 5

Section 3 (17-24) Mixer with a ½ turn
1-8With arms outstretched at waist level, with hands in a fist, make a circular counterclockwise motion while making a 1/2 left turn, stepping R (1), L (2), R (3), L (4), R (5), L (6), R (7), L (8) (6:00)

Section 4 (25-32) Shimmy right, shimmy left
1-4Step R to right side and shimmy shoulders (1,2), step L next to R and shimmy shoulders (3,4) (6:00)
5-8Step L to left side and shimmy shoulders (5,6), step R next to L and shimmy shoulders (7,8)

Ending: Dance ends at wall 10. Strike a pose on lyrics, "that's a nice"!

Have fun with the dance!



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