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Cinta Remix 2022

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High Beginner
Tina Dany (INA) - January 2022
DJ Tik Tok Remix Cinta - Vina Panduwinata - Original cover by Nabila Maharani
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S1 : Toe struts (R-L) - Rocking chair
1-2toe struts R, heel drop
3-4toe struts L, heel drop
5-6step R forward, recover on L
7-8step R back, recover on L

S1 : Walk - Forward Shuffle - Forward - Turn ¼ R - Cross Shuffle
1-2Walk RL
3&4step R forward, close L beside R, step R forward
5-6step L forward, Turn ¼ Right, in place on R
7&8cross L over R, step R to side, cross R over L

S3 : Grapevine - side point - full turn
1-2step R to side, back cross L, behind R
3-4step R to side, point step L
5-6turn ¼ left, turn ½ left, step R back behind L
7-8turn ¼ left, step to side, close touch R beside L

S4 : Diagonal forward RL - backward - close
1-2step R diagonal forward, close touch L beside R
3-4step L diagonal forward, close touch R beside L
5-6backward RL
7-8backward R, close beside R

Tag : rocking chair (4 counts) after wall 5

Enjoy the dance

5 APR '22 200


Annie Annoy January 18, 2022

Tina Dany January 20, 2022
Very nice, thank you

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