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Build Me Up Buttercup

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Denice Machado (USA) & Lynn Funk (USA) - January 2022
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations : (Album: Baby Now That I've Found You)
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The dance starts about 16 seconds into the music and after the start of the vocals at the words" build me up."

Right Side Shuffle, R/R, Toe Struts
1&2, 3-4Right Side Shuffle (R,L,R), Rock Back on L Foot, Recover on R Foot
5-8Toe Strut L Foot, Step Down on L Foot, Toe Strut R Foot, Step Down on R Foot

Left Back Weave, Left Side Shuffle, R/R
1-4Step L Foot to Left, Step R Foot Behind L Foot, Step L Foot to Left, Step R Foot Across L Foot
5&6, 7-8Left Side Shuffle (L,R,L), Rock Back on R Foot, and Recover on L Foot

Left 1/4 Pivots x 2, Fwd Step with Holds both Right and Left
1-4Step Forward on R Foot and Pivot 1/4 Left, (9:00) Step Forward on R Foot and Pivot 1/4 Left (6:00)
5-8Step Forward on R Foot and Hold (snap fingers optional), Step Forward on LFoot and Hold (snap fingers optional)

Cross Rock/Recover both Right and Left
1-4Cross R Foot over L Foot, Recover in Place L Foot, Step R Foot to Right, Hold
5-8Cross L Foot Over R Foot, Recover in Place R Foot, Step L Foot to Left, Hold

End of Dance

Tags: There are 2 Easy Tags. The first one is at the end of Wall 4 and the second one is at the end of Wall 8. Both tags are facing 12:00.
The Tag is just a repeat of the last eight counts of the dance consisting of the Cross Rock/ Recover both Right and Left.

We hope you enjoy the dance.

Contact: Denice Machado and Lynn Funk -


Becky Hawthorne February 3, 2022
Nice dance! 5 stars.

Stephi February 6, 2022
Thank you Becky!

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