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Lovers Road (情侶路)

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Helen Ng (AUS) - February 2022
Lovers Road (情侶路) (女聲版) - Queena Cui (崔子格)
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Original Position: feet together weight on right foot

#24 Count Intro Start On Vocals

[1-6] Step L Forward, Slow R Kick, Back R, Slow Drag L
1,2,3Step L Forward, R Kick Forward (2 Beat)
4,5,6Step R Back, L Drag In Front R (2 Beat) ( 12.00 )
[7-12] Waltz Forward ½ Turn, Waltz Back
1,2,3Step L Forward,Turn 180° Left Step R Together, Step L Together, (6.00)
4,5,6Step R Back, Step L Together, Step R Together. (6.00 )

[13-18] Cross, Side, Behind, Lunge To The R, Hold, Hold
1,2,3Step L Across In Front Of Right , Step R To R Side, Step L Behind Right,
4,5,6Lunge To Step R To The Side, Hold, Hold ( 6.00 )

[19-24] 1/4 Turn Left, Slow Sweep R, Forward, 1/4 Turn Right Touch, Hold
1,2,3Turn 90° Left Step L Fwd, Slow Sweep R To The Side (2 Beats) (3.00)
4,5,6Step R Forward, Turn 90˚ Right Touch Left Toe To Left Side, Hold (6.00 ) ##
[25-30] L Sailor Step, R Sailor Step (Traveling Back )
1,2,3Step Back L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Replace L
4,5,6Step Back R Behind L, Step L To L Side, Replace R (6.00 )
[31-36] Forward, 1/4 Point, Hold, 1/4 Step, 1/4 Point, Hold
1,2,3Step L Forward, Turn 90° Left Touch R Side Hold, ( 3.00 )
4,5,6Turn 90° Right Take Weight Onto R, Turn 90° Right Touch L Toe To Left Side, Hold. (9.00)

[37-42] 1/4 Turn, 1/2 Turn, Step Back, Step Back, 1/4 Turn , Cross
1,2,3Turn 90° Left Step L Forward, Turn 180° Left Step R Back, Step L Back, ( 12.00 )
4,5,6Step R Back, Turn 90° Left Step L To The Side, Step R Across In Front Left. ( 9.00 )

[43-48] Sway Hold, Hold, 1/4 Turn Right, 1/2 Turn Right, 1/4 Turn Right
1,2,3Step L To The Side Sway Hips To The Left, Hold, Hold,
4,5,6Turn 90˚ Right Step R Forward, Turn 180˚ Step L Back, Turn 90˚ Right Step R To The Side (9.00)

Restart: On Wall 5 Dance To Beat 24 (##) Restart Facing (6.00)
Ending: On Wall 9 Dance To Beat 21 (** ) & Add The Following:
1,2,3Step R Forward , Touch L Toe To The Side, Hold
4,5,6Step L Forward , Touch R Toe To The Side, Hold
1,2,3Step R Forward, Slow Drag To Touch L Toe Together (2 Beat)
Just Copy And Paste ( 情侶路) You Be Able To Find Music On Itunes Or Spotify
Email Me If Find Any Difficulty. Helen Ng:

4 JUN '22 50


Novi3NLD January 31, 2022
Cool Choreo Love It❤

Decut January 31, 2022
Thank You Novi ❤️ Beautiful Demo 👍👍

Erni February 5, 2022
Vote #8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Beautiful choreography ❤️❤️❤️

Decut February 5, 2022
Thank you EMI😘😘😘

Decut February 8, 2022
Thank You EMI😘😘😘

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