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Ali Pollard (UK) - January 2022
AA - Walker Hayes
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Start dance after 16 counts. No Restarts. No Tags.

SECTION 1: Fwd L, Fwd R, Rock Step, Coaster Step
Start with weight on R
1,2Step L fwd, slightly crossing over R and with high knee.
3,4Step R fwd, slightly crossing over L and with high knee.
5,6Rock Step: step fwd on L (5), replace weight on R (6).
7&8Coaster Step: step back on L (7), step R back together to L (&), step forward on L (8).

SECTION 2: Fwd, Pivot Half L, Lock Step, Cuban Break
1Step R fwd.
2Pivot half to left, stepping on L (6:00).
3&4Lock Step: R fwd (3), lock L behind R (and), step R fwd (4).
5&6&7&8Cuban Break: check step L over R (5), recover weight on R (&), step L to side with partial weight on ball of L foot (6), recover weight on R (&), check step L over R (7), recover weight on R (&), step L to side with full weight (8).

SECTION 3: Vaudeville, Vaudeville, Rock Step, Sweep, Sailor Turn Three Quarters R
1&2&Vaudeville: cross R over L (1), step L to side (&), touch R heel fwd into R diagonal (2), step R beside L (&)
3&4&Vaudeville: cross L over R (3), step R to side (&), touch L heel fwd into L diagonal (4), step L beside R (&)
5,6Rock Step: step R crossing over L (5), replace weight on L (6).
&Sweep R around from front to back starting three quarters turn R (&)
7&8Sailor Turn: complete three quarters turn R by crossing R behind L (7), step L next to R (&), Step R to side (8) (3:00).

SECTION 4: Mambo Fwd, Mambo Back, Fwd L&R with Hip Sways, Back L&R with Hip Sways
1&2&Mambo: step L fwd (1), recover weight on R (&), L back (2), hold with weight on L (&)
3&4&Mambo: step R back (3), recover weight on L (&), R fwd (4), hold with weight on R (&).
5,6Small step L fwd/diagonal with knees bent and hips swinging to left (5), small step R fwd/diagonal with knees bent and hips swinging to right (6).
7,8Small step L back/diagonal with hips swinging to left (7), small step R back/diagonal together to L with hips swinging to right (8).

ENDING: You will be facing 3:00 with weight on R ready to start a new wall.

My background is in Latin dance and this is the first dance I have choreographed for Line Dancing. I hope you like it.
Special thanks to Tom Edison Pena (Fellow UKA Dance) for his help and support with this project.


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