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Sway Crazy

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Roger (leftfoot) Hunter (USA) - February 2022
You Drive Me Crazy - Shakin' Stevens
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#16 count intro - No Tags or Restarts**

Section 1) Sway R, L,Behind Side Cross,Sway L.R.L.
1-4sway(rock) R to R(1),sway(recover)on L(2).step R behind L(3),step L to L(4).
5-8cross R over L(5),sway(rock) L to L(6),sway(recover)on R(7),sway(rock) LTo L(8).

Section 2) Vine R w/Cross,Side Rock(sway) ¼ L,Side Rock(sway)
1-4step R to R(1),step L behind R(2),step R to R(3),cross L over R(4).
5-8sway(rock) R to R(5),sway(recover) on L making ¼ turn L(6) (facing 9:00) sway(rock) R To R(7),sway(recover) on L(8)*

Section 3) Cross Point x2, Forward Rock,Side Rock(sway)
1-4step R forward(1),point L to L(2),step L forward(3), point R to R(4).
5-8step(rock) R forward(5),recover on L(6),sway(rock) R to R(7) recover on L (sway)(8)*.

Section 4) Lindy R ¼ turn L,Shuffle Forward L.R.L,Rock Recover
1&2 3-4step R to R(1),close L to R(&),step R to R(2),rock back on L making ¼ turn L(3) (facing 6:00),recover on R(4).
5&6 7-8step forward on L(5),close R next to L(&), step forward on L(6),rock forward on R(7),recover on L(8).

**) alternate music "I Dream In Southern" by Kalib Lee(16 cts in on Dream)

Restart after 16 counts on wall 4 (3:00) make 1/4L on step 8 of section 2, now facing (12:00)
Restart after 24 counts on wall 8 (3:00) make 1/4L on step 8 of Section 3, now facing (12:00)

Finish wall 9 (6:00) steps 7-8 of section 4 become step R forward pivot ½ L on L, & pose

Last Update - 16 Feb 2022


Debbi February 11, 2022
Nice dance, music & alternate music. I'm taking this to my instructors in Sacramento California!

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