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At The Discoteque

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Mark Wuyts (BEL) - February 2022
Crying At the Discoteque - Alcazar : (modified)
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Intro: 32 counts (on modified version), start 2 counts before vocals.
No tags or restarts !!

Sec 1: Vine 3, scuff; rocking chair;
1-4Side R, cross L in back, side R, scuff;
5-8Rock L forward, Recover on R, Rock L back, Recover on R;

Sec 2: Vine 3, scuff; jazbox ¼R cross;
1-4Side L, cross R in back, side L, scuff;
5-8Cross R over L, turn ¼ R step L back, Step R to side, cross L over R;

Sec 3: Slow chasse R, touch; Roll back 3 touch + clap;
1-4Side R, close L, side R, touch L;
5-8Step L to L with ½ turn L, Step R to R with ½ turn L, side L, touch + clap;

Sec 4: Diagonal backward, touch, Repeat; forward run 2, forward scuff with weight 2x;
1-4Step diagonal backward R, touch L, step diagonal backward L, touch R;
5-8Forward run 2, scuff forward with weight R, L;

Here's the modified music:

Or You can email me for the music:

(You can use the original music, but then there are 48 counts of intro,
and there are 2 restarts, after wall 6 and 11 restart after section 3.)

Happy Dancing!


Markie February 27, 2022
In some countries Youtube blocks the sound of this song.
Good time to give Vimeo a try.

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