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A Song of Love

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Norman Gifford (USA) - February 2022
You're My World - Bouke : (CD: A Song of Love)
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Count four beats and start on vocals ("World") Very Slow Rolling Rhythm

(Left step forward, right forward-lock-step, rock-step, back-cross, back-cross, back-cross, step back)
1Left step forward
2a3Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward
4-5Left rock forward; right replace back
a6Left step back diagonal; right crossover
a7Left step back diagonal; right crossover (turning right facing 1:30)
a8aLeft step back diagonal; right crossover; left step back (turning right facing 3:00)

(Right step forward, forward-lock-step, rock-step, ¼ right side-cross, side-cross, side-cross, rock side)
1Right step forward
2a3Left step forward; right lock behind; left step forward
4-5Right rock forward; left replace back
a6Right step side turning ¼ right; left crossover [6:00]
a7Right step side; left crossover
a8aRight step side; left crossover; right rock side

(Sways L-R-L, coaster-step, prissy-steps forward, inverted coaster-step)
1-3Sway left; sway right; sway left *** END OF DANCE (dance ends here on wall #6)
4a5Right step back; left together; right step forward
6-7Left step forward; right step forward ("prissy steps")
8&aLeft step forward; right together; left step back

(Sweeps back, back, back, coaster-out, behind-side-cross , step side, rock back)
1-3Right sweep back; left sweep back; right sweep back
4aLeft step back; right together RESTART: Wall #3 (12:00 wall), RESTART facing 6:00.
5Left step diagonal
6&aRight behind; left step side; right crossover
7-8Left step side; right rock back


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Last Update: 22 Apr 2022


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