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Can't Fight The Moonlight

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Easy Intermediate
Ahn Sung Hee (KOR) - February 2022
Can't Fight the Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes
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Sec1: R Monterey full turn,side rock,recover,cross,side,flick,cross,back,together
1-2,3&4Point RF to R side,R full turn,rock LF to L side,recover RF,cross LF over RF
5-7,8&Rock RF to R side,recover LF with flick RF,cross RF over LF,step LF back,step RF beside LF

Sec2: Cross,back,together,side point,together,side point,1/4 L forward,1/2 L back,back,coaster step
9-10&Cross LF over RF,step RF back,step LF beside RF
11&12Point RF to R side,step RF beside LF,point LF to L side
13-151/4 L turn step LF fwd,1/2 L turn step RF back,step LF back
16&17Step RF back,step LF beside RF,step RF fwd
*Restert: wall 4 – after 12 counts(12 counts step change)
1 2&point LF to L side,step LF beside RF

Sec3: Kick,back,forward,1/2 R back,1/2 R forward,forward,L full turn,forward
18&19Kick LF fwd,step LF back,bended knee(sitting position,weight on LF)
20-23Step RF fwd,1/2 R turn step LF back,1/2 R turn step RF fwd,step LF fwd
24&251/2 L turn step RF back,1/2 L turn step LF fwd,step RF fwd
*Restart: wall 2, Wall 6 – after 24 counts(24 counts step change)
23-24step LF fwd,touch RF beside LF

Sec4: Forward,1/4 R side,cross shuffle,side point,together,side point,together
26-27Step LF fwd,1/4 R turn step RF to R side
28&29Cross LF over RF,step RF to R side,cross LF over RF
30&31,32Point RF to R side,step RF beside LF,point LF to L side,step LF beside RF

*Restart: wall 9 – after 28 counts




Grace Queen February 28, 2022
Vote.2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍❤ love it

Sung Hee March 1, 2022
Thank you~~💕💕

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