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Georgia Heat

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Michelle Risley (UK) - March 2022
Good Directions - Billy Currington
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[1-8] Side, Touch Across, Side, Touch Across, Side, Touch Across, Touch Side, Step Across
1-4Step Right To Right Side, Touch Left Toe Across Right, Step Left, Touch Right Toe Across Left
5-8Step Right To Right Side, Touch Left Toe Across, Touch Left To Side, Step Left Over Right (12oc)
(This is your ‘New Shoes’ Section)

[9-16] Side Shuffle, Rock Back, Side, Behind, 1/4 Turn Left
1&2, 3-4Side Right, Left Together, Side Right, Rock Back On Left, Recover Right
5-8Left Side, Right Behind, 1/4 Left Step Forward, Step Forward Right (9oc)

[17-24] Pivot 1/2, 1/4 Turn Side, Behind, 1/4 Step Forward, Pivot 1/4, Cross, Flick
1-4Pivot 1/2 Left, 1/4 Left Step Right Side, Left Behind, 1/4 Right Forward (3oc)
5-8Step Forward Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Cross Left Over Right, Flick Right Behind Left (6oc)
*Note – Count 8 – Flick, can be replaced with a hold if preferred.
**Ending: Step Change 1/4 To Face Front Wall- Ta-Da!**

[25-32] Side Shuffle, 1/4 L Side Shuffle, Rocking Chair
1&2, 3&4Side Right, Left Together, Side Right, 1/4 Turn Left, Side Left, Right Together, Step Left (3oc)
5-8Rock forward on Right, Recover, Rock Back Right, Recover (3oc)

Smile, Keep Your Feet Happy!

Last Update - 11 Mar. 2022


Harmony Dance September 19, 2022
This Dance is great for teaching a Figure-8 pattern!

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