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Somos Nada

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Intermediate / Advanced
Guillaume Richard (FR) - December 2021
Somos Nada - Christina Aguilera
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Intro: 8 counts from first beat in music. App. 10 secs. into track. Start with weight on L foot

Restart: During the 1st wall, do the 1st 12 counts, then add an extra ‘a’ count stepping L to L side. Now restart facing 12:00

Tag 1: At the end of walls 2 (facing 9:00) and 5 (facing 3:00), add these next 2 counts
1-2&Turn ½ R stepping R fwd continuing with another ½ turn R sweeping L fwd (1), step down on L (2), turn ½ R keeping weight on L (&). Restart the dance with a 3/8 turn R

Tag 2: At the end of walls 4 (facing 9:00) and 7 (facing 3:00), add these next 4 counts
1-2&Same steps as Tag 1.
3-4Rock on R fwd (3), Recover on L (4). Restart the dance with a 3/8 turn R

[1 – 8] Step & Sweep 1/8 turn, Step & Kick, Step back x3, ¼ turn, Recover, Step, Full Turn, Sweep, Cross Rock, ¼ R Step
1-2Step R fwd and sweep L from back to front turning 1/8 R (1), Step L fwd and kick R fwd (2) 1:30
3&aStep R back (3), Step L back (&), Step R back (a) 1:30
4&aTurn ¼ L stepping L to L side and L arm open to L with bended elbow handpalm open (4), Open R arm to R with bended elbow handpalm open (&), Cross both arms in front of your chest and turn your head to L side looking over L shoulder (a) 10:30
5-6Turn ¼ turn R as you recover on R (5), Step L fwd (6) 1:30
a7Turn ½ turn L stepping R next to L (a), Turn ½ turn L stepping L fwd and sweep R from back to front turning 1/8 L (7) 12:00
8&aCross R over L (8), Recover on L (&), Turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (a) 3:00

[9 – 16] ¼ R Side Rock Back, Side Rock Back, ¼ turn Step, ¼ turn Side Rock, Cross, ¼ turn Back Step, ½ turn Step, Step Fwd, ¾ turn Hitch, Step Touch, ¼ turn Step Touch, Step Fwd, ½ Turn
1&aTurn ¼ R stepping L to L side (1), Rock R behind L (&), Recover on L (a) 6:00
2&aStep R to R side (2), Rock L behind R (&), Recover on R (a) 6:00
3&aTurn ¼ turn L stepping L fwd (3), Step R fwd (&), Turn ¼ turn L as you recover on L (a) 12:00
4&aCross R over L (4), Turn ¼ R stepping L back (&), Turn ½ turn R stepping R fwd (a) 9:00
5-a6Step L fwd and turn ¾ R as you hitch R knee (5), Step R to R side (a), Touch L next to R (6) 6:00
a7Turn ¼ L stepping on L fwd (a), Touch R next to L (7) 3:00
8-aStep R fwd (8), Turn ½ R stepping L next to R 9:00

To start again the dance, on the first count of the dance, keep turning and add ¾ turn R to do your 1st step facing the back wall 6:00


Bettan April 22, 2022
Such a beautiful dance! πŸ₯° Jessica πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

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