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Improver Plus
Rob Fowler (ES) - February 2022
Nickajack - River Road
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Intro: 16 counts (approx. 7 secs)

S1: Right Vine, Touch L, Side L, Hook R, Side R, Hook L
1-2-3-4Step R to right side, step L behind R, step R to right side, touch L next to R
5-6-7-8Step L to left side, hook R behind L, step R to right side, hook L behind R

S2: Left Vine ¼ Turn L, Scuff R, Rocking Chair
1-2-3-4Step L to left side, step R behind L, make ¼ turn left stepping forward L, scuff R
5-6-7-8Rock forward R, recover back L, rock back R, recover forward L 9:00

S3: Chase ½ Turn L, Hold, Chase ¼ Turn R, Kick
1-2-3-4Step forward R, make ½ turn L (weight forward on L), step forward R, hold 3:00
5-6-7-8Step forward L, make ¼ turn R (weight on R), cross L over R, kick R to right diagonal 6:00
RESTART: Restart here during WALL 5 (facing 6:00) changing the “kick” on count 8 to a “scuff”

S4: Behind R, Side L, Cross R, Kick L, Behind L, ¼ Turn R, Step L, Scuff R
1-2-3-4Step R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L, kick L to left diagonal
5-6-7-8Step L behind R, make ¼ turn right stepping on R, step forward L, scuff R 9:00

S5: Stomp R Forward With Toe Fans, Stomp L Forward With Toe Fans
1-2-3-4Stomp R forward with R toes turned in, fan R toes out, fan R toes in, return R toes to centre (weight ends on R)
5-6-7-8Stomp L forward with L toes turned in, fan L toes out, fan L toes in, return L toes to centre (weight ends on L)

S6: Stomp R Forward, Hold, ½ Turn L, Hold, R Jazz Box, Touch L
1-2-3-4Stomp forward R, hold, make ½ turn left (weight on L), hold 3:00
5-6-7-8Cross R over L, step back L, step R to right side, touch L next to R

S7: L Rolling Vine, Touch R, Side R, Touch L, Side L, Touch R
1-2Make ¼ turn left stepping forward L, make ½ turn left stepping back R
3-4Make ¼ turn left stepping L to left side, touch R next to L
RESTART: Restart here on WALL 1 (facing 3:00) and WALL 3 (facing 9:00)
5-6-7-8Step R to right side, touch L next to R, step L to left side, touch R next to L

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Micaela April 7, 2022
Very nice Danceđź’ž

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