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Back To The Moon

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The Highlander (UK) - March 2022
Back To The Moon - Der Astronaut
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Intro – 8 Counts

Sec 1 Side, Back Rock 1/4 Turn, Step Turn Turn Sweep, Back Sweep, Behind Side Cross.
1Step R to right side,
2&3Rock back onto L, Recover onto R, Turn ¼ left stepping L forward, (09.00)
4&5&Step R forward, Pivot ½ turn left returning weight onto L, Turn ½ left stepping R back, Sweep L back, (09,00)
6&Step L back, Sweep R back,
7&8Step R behind L, Step L to left side, Cross R over L.

Sec 2 Side Touch, Side Touch, Scissor, Side Behind Side, Cross Rock, Side Rock.
1&2&Step L to left side, Touch R next to L, Step R to right side, Touch L next to R,
3&4Step L to left side, Step R next to L, Cross L over R,
5&6Step R to right side, Step L behind R, Step R to right side,
7&8&Cross rock L over R, Recover onto R, Left side Rock onto L, Recover onto R.

Sec 3 Cross, ¼ Side Cross, ¼ ¼, Diagonal Step Turn, Step, 2 x ½ Turns.
1,2&3Cross L over R, Turn ¼ left stepping R back, Step L to left side, Cross R over L, (06.00)
4&Turn ¼ right stepping L back, Turn ¼ right stepping R to right side, (12.00)
5, 6Turning 1/8 right to right diagonal step L forward, Pivot ½ right returning weight onto R (07.30)
7, 8&1Staying on the diagonal step L forward, Turn ½ left stepping R back, Turn 1/2 left stepping L forward, Step R forward. (07.30)

Sec 4 Forward Mambo, Run Back R L, Touch R behind, Unwind 7/8, Side Rock Cross.
2&3Rock forward onto L, Recover onto R, Step L back,
4&Step R back, Step L back,
5-6Touch R back behind L, Unwind 7/8 right transferring weight onto R, (06.00)
7&8Left side rock onto L, Recover onto R, Cross L over R.



jordie May 17, 2023
This is a very nice dance, well thought out. I really like it..good job..

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