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A Little Night Club (For Peace)

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Beginner NC2S
Tibor Mosch (DE) - July 2017
Wind of Change - Scorpions
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Intro: 32 Counts (Start on the Word ‘Mo-skwa’) (No Tag, No Restart)

Sec. 01: Basic night club left, side, behind, ¼ turn r step, Rock fwd & rock fwd, back, together
1-2&Big step to left side on LF (1), RF step behind LF (2), cross LF over RF (&)
3-4&Step RF to side (3), LF step behind RF (4), RF step forward with ¼ turn right (&)
5-6&Rock LF step forward (5), recover on RF (6), step LF next to RF (&)
7-8&Rock RF step forward (7), recover on the LF (8), step RF next to LF (&)

Sec.02: Step sweep, cross , step, step sweep, behind, side, cross rock, recover, side, cross rock, recover,
½ turn r step
1-2&Step fwd on LF & sweep RF fwd (1), cross RF over LF (2), step back on LF (&),
3-4&Step back on RF & sweep LF back (3), step LF behind RF (4), step RF to side (&),
5-6&Cross LF over RF (5), recover on RF (6), step LF to side (&),
7-8&Cross RF over LF (7), recover on LF (8), ½ turn step on RF (&)

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Klaus Meine, the leader singer of Scorpions was inspired to write the song when, in August 1989, the hard-rock group took part in The Moscow Music Peace Festival, the first Western music festival ever held in the USSR.
A certain desire for freedom was palpable among Muscovites.

But at that time no producer agreed to finance the release of a record.

In November of the same year, when the Berlin Wall fell, the Scorpions finalized their song while keeping the references to the city of Moscow.

Released in 1990, it celebrates the new face of the former Soviet bloc: Perestroika and tops the charts in 1991.

Mikhail Gorbachev himself received the Scorpions at the Kremln where they performed Wind Of Change in Russian.


Novi3NLD March 22, 2022
Love It❤

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