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7 Rings

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Christie Lim (MY) & Peter Reber (SA) - March 2022
7 rings - Ariana Grande
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Start dancing after 16 counts

Sec1: Point across (2x), Shuffle fwd (lock step), Weave, 1/4 turn, Pivot 1/2 turn
1 & 2 &RF point across left FF, Step together, Point LF across RF, Step together
3 & 4Step RF forward, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward
5 & 6 &Cross LF over RF, step RF to right, Step LF behind RF, 1/4 turn R step RF fwd
7 8Step LF fwd, 1/2 turn R

Sec2: 1/4 turn chasse, 1/2 turn chasse, Step touch (2x), 3/4 turn step fwd (3x)
1 & 21/4 turn R step LF to L, Step together, Step LF to L
3 & 41/2 turn L, step RF to R, Step together. Step RF to R
5 & 6 &Step LF fwd diagonally, Touch RF next to LF, Step RF fwd diagonally, Touch LF next to RF
7 & 81/4 turn L step LF fwd, 1/4 turn L step RF fwd, 1/4 turn L step LF fwd

Start dancing again!

Enjoy the Dance!

For any question contact
Christie Lim:
Peter Reber:


Martie April 7, 2022
Another lovely dance by this choreography team!

Christie April 16, 2022
Thank you Martie

Novi3NLD July 23, 2022

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