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When I Met You

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Klara Wallman (SWE) & Lina Hökdahl (SWE) - March 2022
Queen - janice
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#16 count intro.
Restarts on wall 5, 7 & 8

Section 1 - Slow step turn, forward coaster step, back sweep x2, behind, ¼ turn
1-2-3Step forward on RF(1), make a ½ pivot L(keeping weight onRF)(2), step forward on LF(3)(6.00)
4&5-6Step forward on RF(4), step LF close to RF(&), step back on RF(5) as you sweep L front to back(6)
7-8&Step back on LF and sweep RF front to back(7), cross RF behind LF(8), turn ¼ L stepping LF forward(&) (3.00).

Section 2 - Step ½ turn, back lockstep, side, cross, figure 4 ¾, side, behind, step
1-2Step forward on RF(1), ½ pivot L stepping L foot forward(2)
3&4&Turn ¼ stepping RF to R side(3), cross LF over RF(&), turn ¼ L stepping back on RF(4), turn ¼ L stepping LF to L side(&) (12.00)
5-6-7Cross RF over LF(5), make ¾ turn R on RF making a figure 4 with L(6), step LF to L side(7)
8&Step RF behind L(8), turn ¼ L stepping LF forward(&)
(Restart here on wall 7)

Section 3 - Step hitch, back step x3, ¼ turn, cross, unwind, sweep, behind side
1-2-3Step forward on RF as you hitch L knee(1), step back on LF(2), step back on RF(3)
4&Step back on LF(4), turn ¼ R stepping RF to R side(&)(9.00)
5-6-7Cross LF over RF(5), ½ unwind R, weight ending on LF(6), turn 1/4 sweeping RF from front to back(7) (6.00)
8&Step RF behind LF(8), step LF to L side(&)
(Restart here on wall 5 & 8)

Section 4 - Step, twist x2, ½ turn, step, pivot ½ turn, full turn
1-2-3Step forward on RF(1), turn ½ L placing weight on LF(2), turn ½ R placing weight on RF(3)
4&5Turn ½ R stepping back on L(4), place RF next to LF(&), step forward on LF(5)
6-7Step forward on RF(6), pivot ½ turn L stepping LF forward(7)
8&½ turn L stepping RF back(8), ½ turn L stepping LF forward(&)

Restart the dance and enjoy!

We would like to dedicate this dance to our dear friend Viktoria!


Chandrani March 23, 2022
A very nice song with lovely choreography, love it ❤

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