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Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - March 2022
Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) - Jason Derulo & Nuka
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Count in: 32 (or 16 after the heavy beat and they starts to sing.
One tag with resart and a ending.

[1-8]: R diagonally Fwd step L f behind, R shuffle fwd. L same steps
1,2Step R to right diagonally, step L behind R.
3&4Step R to right diagonally & L beside R, fwd on R
5,6Step L to left diagonally, step R behind L
7&8Step L to left diagonally & R beside L, fwd on L

[9-16]: Cross R over L, step back on L. R chassé. Cross L over R, step back on R. L chassé turn ¼ L (9)
1,2Step R across L, stepp back on L.
3&4Step R to right side & L beside R, R to right side.
5,6Cross L over R, step back on R
7&8Step L to L side & R beside L, L fwd turning ¼ left (9)
Restart and tag here on wall 8. At 12 O´clock. Sway x4. R,L,R L. Start the dance.

[17-24]: Rock R fwd, shuffle R back. Rock L back, shuffle L fwd
1,2Step R fwd, weight back on L
3&4Step R back & L beside R, R back
5,6Step back on L, weight fwd on R
7&8Step fwd on L& L beside R, L fwd

[25-32]: Walk, point, walk, point. Sway x 4
1,2Walk fwd on R, slightly across L. Point L to L side
3,4Walk fwd on L, slightly across R. Point R to R side
5,6Step on R swaying R hip to R side, step on L swaying L hip to L side
7,8Repeat 5,6

Ending at wall 9 (9), do the last sway with a ¼ turn R to the front (12)

Dance and have fun. LOVE not WAR


Helma Nur March 24, 2022
Vote # 2
Nice song💗

Åsa G March 25, 2022
Thank's 💕hope you like the dance to.

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