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Fingers Crossed

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Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK) - March 2022
Fingers Crossed - Lauren Spencer-Smith
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Intro: 32 Counts, Start at approx 18 secs

SEC 1 Dorothy step, Dorothy step, Side, Behind, ¼ Shuffle
1-2&Step RF to R diagonal, Close LF behind RF, Step RF slightly to R
3-4&Step LF to L diagonal, Close RF behind LF, Step LF slightly to L
5-6Step right to right, step left behind right
7&8Step right to right, step left beside right, turn ¼ right step right forward (3:00)

SEC 2 Rock, ¾ Turn, Weave, Side, ⅛ Together
1-2Rock left forward, recover weight onto right
3-4Turn ½ left step left forward, turn ¼ left step right to right (6:00)
5&6Step left behind right, step right to right, cross left over right
7-8Step right to right, turn ⅛ left step left beside right (4:30)

SEC 3 Step, Sweep, Step, Sweep, Cross, Back, ⅛ Ball Cross, Side
1-2Step right forward, sweep left from back to front
3-4Step left forward, sweep right from back to front
5-6Cross right over left, turn ⅛ right step left back (6:00)
&7-8Step right beside left, cross left over right, step right to right

SEC 4 Cross Rock, Side, Cross, Side, Back, Coaster Step
1-2Cross rock left over right, recover weight onto right
3-4Step left to left, cross right over left
5-6Step left to left, step right back
7&8Step back left, step right beside left, Step forward Left
Styling Option: Angle body to (7:30) on counts 5-6 7&8

Tag: At the end of Wall 3 (6:00)
Side, Kick x3 Side, Touch
1-2Step right to right, kick left forward
3-4Step left to left, kick right forward
5-6Step right to right, kick left forward
7-8Step left to left, touch right beside left

Ending: On Wall 9, Dance up to and including count 14 then add the following
7-8Turn ¼ left step right back, turn ¼ left step left to left (12:00)
Arms Cross both arms making an X at shoulder height

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Bella choi March 30, 2022
🤞good song and great choreography 🤞

linedanceann March 30, 2022
Another fabulous dance from Mark and Chris. X

dancer33 April 3, 2022
Love this great song and dance thank you Mark and Chris it’s going on my teach list xx

Thank You I like the song and your dance Vicky Gwynedd (Wales UK)

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