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Let's Pray for Ukraine

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Easy Beginner
Annette Lapp (DK), Benthe Petersen (DK), Dorthe Bitsch (DK) & Lisbeth Thullesen (DK) - March 2022
Let's Pray for Ukraine - Warren Stephens : (Album: Single - Let's Pray for Ukranine - iTunes)
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We raise money for Ukraine by making a dance day, where all the money is donated to support the organizations that help the victims in Ukraine. For this Special day, we have choreographed this dance.
The songwriter and singer Warren Stephens from USA allowed us to use his song: Let's Pray for Ukraine

Intro: 32 Count

Modified K- Step with Handclap, Hitch
1 – 2Diagonal forward on right, touch left beside right (hand clap)
3 – 4Diagonal back on left, touch right next to it (hand clap)
5 – 6Diagonal back on right, touch left next to right (hand clap)
7 – 8Diagonal ¼ left forward, hitch right next to left

Vine Right, Touch, Vine Left, Scuff
1 - 2Step right to right, step left behind right
3 – 4Step right to right, touch left beside right
5 – 6Step left to left, step right behind left,
7 – 8Step left to left, scuff right forward

Rock Step, ¼ Turn Right, Cross, Left Heel Dig (Click), Right Heel Dig (Click)
1 – 2Rock Right forward, recover to left
3 – 4¼ turn right, cross left in front of right
5 – 6Step right to right, left heel dig diagonally to left (Click fingers)
7 – 8Step left to left, right heel dig diagonally to right (Click fingers)

Walk Forward, Point, Walk Forward, Point, Jazz Box ¼ Turn Right, Cross
1 – 2Step right forward, point left to left side
3 – 4Step left forward, point right to right side
5 – 6Cross right over left, step back on left
7 – 8¼ turn right stepping right to right, cross left over right

Ending: Dance until count 28 count (after walk and point, walk and point ( 03.00)), step right forward,1/4 turn left to 12.00



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