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Shake a Hand

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High Beginner
Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - April 2022
Shake a Hand - Nick Bukuvalas
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No Tags Or Restarts
Intro 3 counts (start on the word “me”)

Section 1: Side. Touch. Kick Ball Cross. Side. Drag. Cross Shuffle
1-2Step right on right foot. Touch left beside right.
3&4Kick left in left diagonal. Step left in place. Cross right over left.
5-6Step left on left. Drag right towards left taking weight.
7&8Cross left over right. Step right on right. Cross left over right.

Section 2: ¼ Turn left. Side. Cross Shuffle. Side. Together. Forward Lock Step.
1-2Turn ¼ left stepping back on right. Step left to left side.
3&4Cross right over left. Step left on left. Cross right over left.
5-6Step left on left foot. Step right beside left taking weight.
7&8Step forward on left. Lock right behind left. Step forward on left.

Section 3: Rock Step. Shuffle ½ Turn back. Rock Step. Coaster Step.
1-2Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
3&4Shuffle ½ over your right shoulder travelling back, stepping right, left, right.
5-6Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
7&8Step back on left. Step right beside left. Step forward on left.

Section 4: Ball. Rock Step. Sailor Step. Sailor Step. Touch. Unwind ½ left.
&1-2Step forward on ball of right foot. Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
3&4Cross left behind right. Rock right to right side. Recover onto left..
5&6Cross right behind left. Rock left on left foot. Recover onto right.
7-8Touch left toes back. Unwind ½ left.

Ending: As the music is coming to an end, replace Touch. Unwind ½ left. (Count 7-8 of section 4) with:
Touch. Unwind ¼ left to end facing the front wall.


sharon01 April 15, 2022
Love this dance, it flows so well. No tags, no restarts which makes it even better

Roger71 April 15, 2022
I like it , nice and smooth

Micaela April 15, 2022
Thank you very much Sharon01 💞

Micaela April 15, 2022
Thank you Roger71💞

Stephi April 15, 2022
Cool Dance. . . Thank You! You have 5 stars from me. Lynn Funk

Micaela April 15, 2022
Thank you very much Lynn Funk💞

Helma Nur April 21, 2022
Nice and smooth dance
Love it 💗

Micaela April 21, 2022
Thank you so much Helma Nur❤️

prbruce57 June 12, 2022
I love this dance and taught it Thursday. Thumbs up from the class danced x2 - Line Dance With Pam - Guernsey

Micaela July 27, 2022
Many thanks prbruce57 :-)

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