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Heavy D

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Henrik Grønvold (NOR), Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) & Pim van Grootel (NL) - April 2022
Now That We Found Love (feat. Aaron Hall) - Heavy D & The Boyz
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Grapevine right, step and touches.
1Step RF to the right.
2LF cross behind RF.
3Step RF to the right. .
4Touch LF next to RF.
5Step LF to the left
6Touch RF next
7Step RF to the right
8Touch LF next to RF.

Grapevine left, step and touches
1Step LF to the left.
2RF cross behind LF.
3Step LF to the left. .
4Touch RF next to LF.
5RF step to the right
6Touch LF next RF.
7Step LF to the left.
8Touch RF next to LF.
1/2 grapvine, heel grine with a ¼ turn right, 4 times step back and touch.
1Step RF to the right.
2LF cross behind RF.
3Step in Right heel and turn ¼ right.
4Step back on LF.
5Step back on RF
6Step back on LF.
7Step back on RF .
8Touch LF next to RF

Step touch forward and backward, heel touches and touch.
1Step forward with LF.
2Touch RF backwards LF.
3Step RF backwards.
4Touch LF next to RF.
5Left heel forward
& 6Recover LF next to RF and touch Right heel forward.
& 7Recover RF next to LF and touch Left
& 8Recover LF next to RF and touch RF next to LF.

Start again.


Vv danzz April 20, 2022
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