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Southern Women

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Beginner / Improver
Kim Carpentino (USA) & Kathleen Crocker (USA) - April 2022
Easy tag and 2 easy restarts

[1 - 8] Shuffle Right and Left, Jazz Box
1&2Step right, slide left foot next to right, step right
3&4Step left, slide right foot next to left, step left
5-6Cross right over left, step back on left
7-8Step right, Step left over right

**Restarts here on walls 3 and 7

[9 - 16] Side Behind and Heel and Cross, ¼ Turn x2, Crossing Triple
1-2Step right to right side, step left behind right
&3&4Step back on right with left heel to the left side, step down on left, cross right over left.
5-6Make a ¼ turn right stepping back on left, Turn ¼ over right shoulder stepping on right
7&8Cross left over right, step on ball of right foot, cross left over right 

[17 - 24] Side Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Recover, Behind ¼ Turn
1-2Rock right recover weight on left
3&4Step right behind left, step left, cross right over left
5-6Rock left recover weight on right
7&8Step left behind right, ¼ turn stepping right, step forward left 

[25 - 32] Kick Step Point, Kick Step Point, Kick Step Touch Behind, Toe Turn Scuff
1&2Kick right forward, Step on right, Point left toe to left side
3&4Kick left forward, Step on left, Point right toe to right side
5&6Kick right forward, Step on right, Touch left toe behind
7-8Turn over left shoulder taking weight on left, Scuff right

*Tag at the end of wall 1 (facing 3:00)
*4 count tag here beginning wall 2 - V Step
1-2Step out right, step out left
3-4Step in right, step in left (weight on left)

On walls 3 (6:00) and 7 (3:00) after the first 8 counts on the chorus which is
“Praise the Lord for Southern Women.”

Optional Styling: At the start and each restart during the forward shuffles, raise both
arms above the head gesturing forward two times on counts 1&2 and 3&4 which is the chorus “Praise the Lord for Southern Women.” and during tag clapping with each step on the V step.
For questions please contact Kim or Kathleen @

Last Update: 2 Jun 2022


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