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Terry Daily (USA) - March 2019
Sixteen - Thomas Rhett
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Rock ¼ turn, Shuffle, Rock and Coaster
1 2Rock out to R, recover by doing a ¼ turn L over L shoulder and step down L. (9:00
3&4Shuffle fwd RLR.
5 6Rock fwd L recover R.
7&8Step back L, step together R, Step fwd L.

Cross Point x2, Jazz
1 2Cross R(stepping fwd) over L and Point L to L side
3 4Cross L over R and point R to R side
5678Jazz Box, Cross R over L, step back L, step R to R side and cross R over L
(You can step fwd if its more comfortable)
Restart - wall 3 after 16.
(3rd wall starts (12:00), you will go to the jazz (9:00). This also puts you on the side walls now.)

2x1/8 turns,Weave with point
1234Step fwd R roll hip and recover L and do a 1/8 over L ( do this 2 times)
5678Cross R over L, step L to side, cross R behind L, point L to L side.
Restart wall 7 after 20 cts (7th wall starts (3:00), you will go to the hip rolls (9:00))

Step Sweep X2, Rock Recover Back and Touch
1234Step fwd L(1) small sweep R from back to front(2) step down and fwd R (3) small sweep L from back to front (4)
5678Rock fwd L, recover R, step back L and touch R to instep.

Have fun!



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