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Fire & Gold

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Lucy Cooper (UK) - May 2022
Strut - Dita
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Intro: 32 counts

Kick Ball Step, Scuff, Side, R knee in, R knee out, Cross Rock, Recover
1&2Kick R forward, ball step R beside L, step L forward
3 4Scuff R forward, step R toe to R side
5 6Turn R knee inwards, turn R knee outwards taking weight onto R
7 8Cross rock L over R, recover weight onto R

Out Out, Hold, L Sailor Step, Touch, Unwind ½ R, Forward, Touch
&1 2Step L out to L side, step R out to R side, hold
3&4Cross L behind R, step R to side, step L to side
5 6Touch R behind L, unwind ½ R weight ending on R (6.00)
7 8&Step L forward, touch R beside L, flick R out to R side

R Flick, Cross, Hold, Ball Side, Cross, Full Turn L, Sailor ¼ L
1 2Cross R over L, hold
&3 4Ball step L to L side, step R to R side, cross L over R
5 6Step R back turning ¼ L, step L forward turning ½ L
7Step R to side turning ¼ L
8&1Cross L behind R turning ¼ L, step R to side, step L forward (3.00)

Hold, 2 x Camel Walks, 2 x ¼ Pivot Turn L
3 4Walk R forward popping L knee, walk L forward popping R knee
5 6Step R forward, pivot ¼ L (optional hip roll) (12.00)
7 8Step R forward, pivot ¼ L (optional hip roll) (9.00)

Cross Rock, Ball Cross Rock, ¼ Chasse L, ½ Pivot L
1 2&Cross rock R over L, recover onto L, ball step R to R side
3 4Cross rock L over R, recover onto R
5&6Step L to side, step R together, step L forward turning ¼ L (6.00)
7 8Step R forward, ¼ pivot L (weight on L) (12.00)

Side ¼ L, L Sailor Heel, Hold, Ball Cross, ¼ R, Back, Touch
1Step R to R side turning ¼ L (9.00)
2&3Cross L behind R, step R to side, touch L heel to L diagonal
4&Hold, ball step L beside R
5 6Cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping L back
7 8Step R back, touch L forward (12.00)

½ Turn L, Pony Step, Back Rock, Full Turn L
1 2Step L forward, step R back turning ½ L (6.00)
3&4Step L back hitching R knee, place R down, step L back hitching R knee
5 6Rock R back, recover onto L
7 8Step R back turning ½ L, step L forward turning ½ L (6.00)

Stomp, Hold, Walk, Walk, Forward Rock, Coaster Step
1 2Stomp R forward (slightly across L), hold
3 4Walk L forward, walk R forward (strut with attitude)
5 6Rock L forward, recover onto R
7&8Step L back, step R together, step L forward


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