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Don't Wanna Lose Control

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Intermediate NC2
Trish McElhinney (CAN) - May 2022
Control - Zoe Wees
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Intro: 8 Counts
Note: 1 restart, Wall 2 after 16 Counts facing 6:00

[1 – 9] Cross, Full Unwind R, 1/2 Run Around, Sweep, Cross, Side, Rock with kick, Recover, Side, Cross Behind, Sweep, Behind, 1/4 R, 1/2 R with Sweep
1, 2& – 3Cross LF over RF turning full unwind right transferring weight to LF (1), 1/8 Turn R stepping RF forward (2), 1/8 Turn R stepping LF forward (&), 1/4 R stepping RF forward sweeping LF from back to front (3) 6:00
4&-5Cross LF over RF (4), Step RF to R side (&), Rock back on LF opening up to 4:30 lift RF in a low kick (5) 04:30
6&-7Recover on RF (6), Step LF to L side squaring up to 6 (&), Cross RF behind LF sweeping LF from front to back (7) 6:00
8&-1Cross LF Behind RF (8), 1/4 turn R stepping RF forward (&), 1/2 R stepping back on LF sweeping RF from front to back (1) 3:00

[10 – 16] Behind, Side, Cross Rock with Tap, Recover, Side, Cross Spiral, Sway R, Sway 1/4 L, 1/2 Pivot L
2&3&Cross RF Behind LF (2), Step LF to L Side (&), Cross Rock RF over LF (3), Tap L toe behind RF (&) 3:00
4&-5Recover back on LF (4), Step RF to R side (&), Cross LF over RF doing a full turn spiral to the R (5) 3:00
6-7Step RF to R side swaying R (6), Sway L with 1/4 L transferring weight to LF (7) 12:00
8&Step forward on RF (8), 1/2 L transferring weight to LF (&) 6:00
Restart Wall 2 after 16 counts (drop the &), keep weigh on RF for count 8 cross LF over RF to start the dance again facing 6:00

[17 – 24] Full Spiral L, Run LR, Rock, Recover, Back LR, Back with Hitch, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Close, Cross
1-2&Step forward on RF with full turn spiral L (1), Step LF forward (2), Step RF forward (&) 6:00
3&4&5Rock forward on LF (3), Recover on RF (&), Step Back on LF (4), Step back on RF (&), Step back on LF hitching R knee in a figure 4 position from front to back (5) 6:00
6&7&8&Cross RF behind LF (6), Step LF to L side (&), Cross RF over LF (7), Step LF to LF opening up to 7:30 diagonal (&), Close RF beside LF (8), Cross LF over RF (&) 6:00

[25 – 32] 1/2 L, Side, Cross, L Basic, 1/2 R with Hitch, Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Side Rock, Recover
1-2&1/4 turn L stepping back on RF continuing another 1/4 L keeping weight on RF (1), Step LF to L side (2), Cross RF over LF (&) 12:00
3-4&-5Step L to left side (3), Close R slightly behind L (4), Cross L over R (&), 1/4 turn R stepping forward on RF continuing another 1/4 turn right hitching the L knee (5) 6:00
6&7&8&Cross LF over RF (6), Rock RF to R side (&), Recover on LF (7), Cross RF over LF (&), Rock LF to L (8), Recover on RF (&) 6:00
*Note: These steps will travel forward and naturally open your body to diagonals

Ending: at the end of wall 8, you will be facing the 12:00, cross your LF over the RF opening up to 1:30 raising your Right Arm up reaching into the diagonal. (Thank you to my judges at Windy City Line Dance Mania 2022 for the finishing touch)

Last Update: 12 Oct 2022


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