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West Coast Sky

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Easy Intermediate
Sonny V. (DE) - May 2022
West Coast - OneRepublic
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The dance starts with lyrics in the 1st verse on the word (up) 
1 Tag*

[1-8] Right, Touch, Out Out, Touch, Chassé Left, ½ Turn Right, Cross
1-2RF Right – LF touch next to RF
&3-4LF out fwrd. – RF out fwrd. – LF touch next to RF
5&6LF left – RF next to LF – LF left
7-8½ turn right step on RF (6:00) – cross LF over RF

[9-16] Flick, Step Lock Step, Flick, Step Lock Step, Right, Hitch
1RF flick up diag. back/right
2&3RF fwrd. – LF lock behind RF – RF fwrd.
4LF flick up diag. back/left
5&6LF fwrd. – RF lock behind LF – LF fwrd.
7-8RF right – LF hitch up

[17-24] Big Step Left, Hold, Syncopated Behind Side Cross, Chassé Left, Step ½ Turn Left
1-2LF big step left – Hold
&3-4RF behind LF – LF left – RF cross LF
5&6LF left – RF next to LF – LF left
7-8RF fwrd. – ½ turn left step on LF (12:00)

[25-32] ¼ Turn Left Big Step Right, Hold, Syncopated Behind Side Cross, Heel Switches,
1-2¼ turn further left big step on RF (9:00) - Hold
&3-4LF behind LF – RF right – LF cross RF
5&6&R heel touch fwrd. – RF close next to LF – L heel touch fwrd. – LF close next to RF
7&8R heel fwrd. – hold & clap hands – hold & clap hands
(wall 10: don’t clap here! Just do the HOLD, then add the 4-ct. Tag)

*4 ct. Tag – is danced after Wall 10 (to 6:00): V-Step
1–2RF out right – Lf out left
3–4RF back in – LF back in

Start again – have fun!

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Last Update: 13 May 2022


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