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Blinding Lights

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Wendy Lin (TW) - May 2022
Blinding Lights - The Weeknd
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Intro: 6X8

S1.Toe Strut R,Cross Toe Strue,Rock ,Recover,Cross,Hold
1-4Touch RF To R Side,Step RF Heel Down,Cross Touch LF Over RF,Step LF Heel Down
5-8Rock RF To R Side,Recover,Cross RF Over LF,Hold

S2. Toe Strut L,Cross Toe Strut,Rock ,1/4 Turn R,FWD,Hold
1-4Touch LF To L Side,Step LF Heel Down,Cross Touch RF Over LF,Step RF Heel Down
5-8Rock LF To L Side,Make 1/4 Turn R ,Step LF FWD, Hold

S3. Swivel, Hold
1-4R Swivel Both Heels – Toes – Heels – Hold
5-8L Swivel Both Heels – Toes – Heels – Hold

S4.Twist 2 Hip Bumps R,Twist 2 Hip Bumps L, Hip Bumps(R.L.R.L)
1-4Stepping R- 2 Hips Bumps R,2 Hip Bumps L
5-8 4Hip Bumps(R L R L)

S5.Cross,Point,Behind Cross,Point,Cross,Point,Touch,Point
1-4Cross RF Over LF,Point LF Toe To L Side,Cross LF Behind RF, Point RF Toe To R Side
5-8Cross RF Over LF,Point LF Toe To L Side,Together Touch,Point LF Toe To L Side

S6. Jazz Box 1/4 Turn L,Side,Hold,Behind,Recover
1-4Cross step L over R, ¼ turn L stepping back on R, step L to side, Cross
5-8Step LF To Side, Hold, Cross R Behind L,Recover L

S7.Side,Touch,Side,Touch,Jump FWD,Hold & Clap,Jump Back,Hold & Clap
1-4Step RF To R Side,Touch On LF, Step LF To L Side,Touch On RF
&5 6Jump R FWD Out To R, Step L Out To L,Hold(Clap)
&7 8Jump R Back, Close L To R,Hold(Clap)

S8.Rocking Chair , Poivt 1/2 L Turn
1-4Rock RF FWD, Recover LF, Back Rock RF, Recover LF
5-8Step RF FWD,Hold, 1/2 L Turn,Hold

Restart: On Wall 1. 4, After 32 Counts. Then Restaet

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