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It All Adds Up To Us

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Charlie Bowring (UK) & Susan Duncan (USA) - May 2022
It All Adds Up to Us - Trace Adkins : (Album: The Way I Wanna Go)
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Intro: 16 counts (10 seconds)

SECTION 1: Prissy Walk x2, Point Right, Step Back, Point Left, Cross Left Over Right, ¼ Turn Left, Step Left To Left Side
1-2Cross Right Forward Over Left, Cross Left Forward Over Right (With Attitude) 12:00
3-4Point Right Toe To Right Side, Step Back On Right
5-6Point Left Toe To Left Side, Cross Left Over Right
7-8¼ Turn Left Stepping Back On Right, Step Left To Left Side (Weight On Left) 9:00

SECTION 2: Triple ½ Turn Left, Step Back, Hook With Toe Touch, Step Forward Right, Step Forward Left, ½ Turn Right, Step Forward On Left (Chase Turn)
1&2Step ¼ Turn Left On Right, Step Left Next To Right, Step Right Back ¼ Turn 3:00
3-4Step Back On Left, Hook Right Over Left Touching Right Toe Across Left
5-6Step Forward On Right, Step Forward On Left
7-8½ Turn Right (Weight On Right), Step Forward On Left 9:00
Restart On Wall 4 (Facing 3:00 After 16 Counts)
Dance Up To And Including The Chase Turn (Count 16), Restart The Dance
(The Restart Begins On The Lyrics “Runway Model” With Prissy Walks) 12:00

SECTION 3: ½ Turn Left, ¼ Turn Left, Cross Rock, Recover, Hip Sways, ¼ Triple Right (R,L,R)
1-2½ Turn Left Stepping Back On Right, ¼ Turn Left Stepping Left To Left Side 12:00
3-4Cross Rock Right Over Left, Recover To Left (Weight On Left)
5-6Sway Hips Right, Sway Hips Left
7&8¼ Turn To Right Stepping Forward On Right, Step Left Behind Right, Step Forward On Right 3:00

SECTION 4: Step Forward, ¼ Turn Right, Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn Right Heel Grind , Coaster Step, Ball Step
1-2Step Forward On Left, ¼ Turn Right On Right 6:00
3&4Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Over Right
5-6Rock Forward On Right Heel Twisting Toes From L To R Making ¼ Turn Right, Recover On Left (9:00) 9:00
7&8&Step Back On Right, Step Left Next To Right, Step Forward On Right, Step On Ball Of Left (&) (Weight On Left)

Start Over

OPTIONAL ENDING Dance Ends On Wall 10 (Facing 6:00) Dance Counts 1-2 (Prissy Walks- Right, Left), Then Add ½ Turn Right, Walk Forward Left, Right Ending At Front 12:00

Our Sincere Thanks To Nad For Your Love And Support!


Susan Duncan May 27, 2022
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