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When You Smile EZ

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Absolute Beginner
Richard Rogers (USA) - June 2022
When You Smile - Rune Rudberg
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Note: This dance is based on the dance by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and Roy Verdonk.
I simplified it somewhat for my 80 and 90 year old senior dancers. Thank you to Jose and Roy for the basic fun and peppy dance.
And my heartfelt thanks to the dancers at Atria Canyon Creek senior living community in Plano, TX, who helped me work out the changes from the original dance.

Intro : 32 counts
Tag after wall 9 (facing 09:00)

S1: Step/Touch 2X, Vine Right
1-2RF step right side right, LF touch together
3-4LF step left side left, RF touch together
5-6RF step right, LF cross behind RF
7-8RF step right , LF touch together
Easy Option: Shuffle Right  (Side, together, side, touch)

S2: Step/Touch 2X, Vine Left With 1/4 Turn L, Scuff R
1-2LF step left side left, RF touch next to LF
3-4RF step right side right, LF touch next to RF
5-6LF step left , RF cross behind LF
7-8make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward, RF scuff next to LF (09:00)
Easy Option: Shuffle Left With 1/4 Turn Left and Scuff  (Side, together, turn 1/4 left stepping forward, scuff)

S3: Rock Forward R/Recover L, Back R, Hold, Rock Back L/Recover R, Forward L, Hold
(Mambo Forward, Mambo Back)
1-2RF rock forward, recover onto LF
3-4RF step back, hold
5-6LF rock back, recover onto RF
7-8LF step forward, hold

S4: Heel/Toe Struts Forward (R,L), "V" Step
1-2RF step forward on heel, RF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto RF)
3-4LF step forward on heel, LF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto LF)
5-6RF step forward onto right diagonal (45 deg), LF step forward on left diagonal (45 deg)
7-8RF step back to center, LF step next to RF

TAG: The tag will occur after wall 9, facing 09:00 O'clock
Hip Bump R, Hold, Hip Bump L, Hold, Hip Bumps R, L, R, L
1-2-3-4Bump hips right, Hold, Bump hips left, Hold
5-6-7-8Bump hips right, left, right, left

Last Update: 8 Jun 2022


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