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Nathan Gardiner (SCO) - June 2022
Tempo - Matteo Bocelli
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Intro: 18 secs. into track he sings “I Wasn’t Planning” start dance on the word “Planning”

Dorothy R & L, Heel Switches, Step Forward, Scuff
1-2&Step R to R diagonal, Lock L behind R, Step slightly forward on R
3-4&Step L to L diagonal, Lock R behind L, Step slightly forward on L
5&6&Dig R heel forward, Step R next to L, Dig L heel forward, Step L next to R
7-8Step forward on R, Scuff L foot forward

Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle ½ L, Step Pivot ¼ L, Step Pivot ¼ L
1-2Rock forward on L, Recover on R
3&4¼ L stepping L to L side, Step R next to L, ¼ L stepping forward on L
5-6Step forward on R, Pivot ¼ L
7-8Step forward on R, Pivot ¼ L

Cross, Side L, Sailor with Heel, Ball Cross, Side R, Cross Shuffle
1-2Cross R over L, Step L to L side
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to L side, Dig R heel to R diagonal
&5-6Step R next to L, Cross L over R, Step R to R side
7&8Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R

Chasse R, Rock Back, Recover, ¼ R, ¼ R, Step Forward, Scuff
1&2Step R to R side, Step L next to R, Step R to R side
3-4Rock back on L, Recover on R
5-6¼ R stepping back on L, ¼ R stepping R to R side
7-8Step forward on L, Scuff R foot forward

Tag 1: End of walls 2 & 6
Rocking Chair
1-2Rock forward on R, Recover on L
3-4Rock back on R, Recover on L

Tag 2: End of walls 3 & 7
Rocking Chair, Walk Forward R & L
1-2Rock forward on R, Recover on L
3-4Rock back on R, Recover on L
5-6Step forward on R, Step forward on L


Last Update - 7 June 2022
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Duma Kristina June 7, 2022

Chandrani June 7, 2022
Kusuka puddle nya 🤗💜 gumusshh, dance nya unik 😍

gjyndevad June 8, 2022

pinkee November 10, 2022
Have to tell you Nathan this is my classes favourite dance...such a great song and the dance fits perfectly...cheers from Australia

cass November 10, 2022
Taught this dance to day Easy dance with two easy tags

Dancersue November 24, 2022
I think this is a fabulous dance, love to teach and dance it. Great choreography!

Kimber Smith January 18, 2023
Love it! Can't wait to teach it.

Teresa1968 February 7, 2023
Great dance. Music is an ear worm

Hana February 17, 2023
Fantastic! Both music and choreo. 5 stars all around! ♥

Julie Gillmore February 24, 2023
So many favourite dances at the moment and this is one of them x Love it x Loved teaching it x Brilliant steps ❤️

G Q February 24, 2023
taught it this week . good music and dance maybe not everyones taste in music.

cayote March 3, 2023
GREAT dance

Chany J March 26, 2023
Love it ❤️❤️❤️

Heather Jayne April 18, 2023
Love this dance!!

Wizabef July 8, 2023
Cute little dance, love it 😍

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