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Absolute Beginner
Ray Jones (WLS) & Matt Lewis (UK) - June 2022
Intro: start after 20 counts 1 Restart

Section 1: Rocking chair 4 heel bounces around ½ turn
1-2Rock fwd on R step L down
3-4Rock back on R fwd in L
5-6Step R fwd bounce heels ¼ turn over L shoulder
7-8bounce heel ¼ bounce together

Section 2: walk fwd step kick walk back touch
1-2step R fwd step L fwd
3-4Step R fwd kick L foot fwd
5-6Step back L step back R
7-8Step back L touch R next to L
Restart Here on wall 5 facing 6 o’clock

Section 3: side touch side touch vine
1-2step R to R side touch L next to R
3-4step L to L side touch R next to L
5-6Step R to R side bring L behind
7-8Step R to R side touch L next to R
Optional arm movements wave side to side
Optional when music picks up double up on the side touch with Rock R L R L and the same the other side L R L R

Section 4: side touch side touch vine ¼ turn
1-2step L to L side touch R next to L
3-4Step R to R side touch L next to R
5-6Step L to L side bring R behind
7-8Step L to L side making ¼ turn brush R fwd
To finish the dance make a ¼ turn around to the r lifting the arms up
Optional on the last 4 counts add a full turn and ¼ brush

Hope you all enjoy the dance

27 JUL '22 50


The Gardener June 12, 2022
Brilliant Fun dance πŸ•Ί

Novi3NLD June 23, 2022

Christine85 June 23, 2022
Love love this dance. Well done boys!

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