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Longneck Way To Go (P)

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Intermediate Pattern Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - May 2022
Start in sweetheart (cape) position facing LOD
Man’s steps and Ladies steps are the same throughout
Dance can start quickly on the word “Long” (1 second in) or you can wait 32 counts to start

(1-8) Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1-4Step R forward, Touch L beside R, Step L back, Touch R beside L
5-6Walk forward R, Walk forward L
7&8Shuffle forward R, L, R

(9-16) Turn ¼ Shuffle side, Rock, Replace, Shuffle side, Rock, Replace
1&2Turning ¼ R shuffle L, R, L towards line of dance (facing OLOD)
3-4Rock back R, Recover L
5&6Shuffle R, L, R towards RLOD
7-8Rock back L, Recover R

(17-24) Vine L, Vine R,
1-4Step side L, Step R behind L, Step side L, Rock R over L (facing OLOD & moving towards LOD)
5-8Recover L, Step side R, Step L over R, Step R side (moving towards RLOD)

(25-32) Rock, Recover, Step ¼ turn, Brush, Shuffle, Shuffle
1-4Rock back L, Recover R, Turning ¼ L step L, Brush R forward (facing LOD)
5&6Shuffle forward R, L, R
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L

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