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Kiss Goodbye

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Easy Intermediate
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - April 2022
Kiss Goodbye All Night - Drake Milligan : (iTunes and Spotify)
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2 x Restarts on Wall 3 after 32 counts and Wall 5 after 48 counts
Tag at end wall 2 – Rocking chair on R
Start after 16 counts

S1 Step, Point, Step, Point, ¼R Jazz Box Step
1 2Step R forward, Point L toe to L side
3 4Step L forward, Point R toe to side
5678Step R across L, Step L back, ¼ R-R to side, Step L forward (3 o’clock)

S2 Side R, Hold & L Tog, Side R, Hold & Rock Side, Recover, R Behind, ¼ L – L Fwd
1 2&Step R to side, Hold & step L together
3 4&Step R to side, Hold & step L together
5 6Rock R to side, Recover weight on L
7 8Step R behind L, ¼ L – step L forward (12 o’clock)

S3 Step/Lean Fwd, Hold, Back, Kick, Back, ½ L – L Fwd, ¼ L Shuffle
1 2Step R forward (leaning forward), Hold
3 4Step back on L, Kick R foot forward
5 6Step R back, Turn ½ L - Step L forward (6 o’clock)
7&8Shuffle forward turning ¼ L-RLR (3 o’clock)

S4 L Behind, Side R, L Across, Touch R, R Across, Side L, R Behind, Side L
1 2Step L behind R, Step R to side
3 4Step L across R, Touch R to side
5 6Step R across L, Step L to side
7 8Step R behind L, Step L to side

S5 Samba Fwd, Rock Fwd, Recover, Coaster Step, R Fwd, Pivot ½ L
1&2R Samba Step - RLR
3 4Rock L forward, Recover weight on R
5&6L Coaster Step - LRL
7 8Step R forward, Pivot ½ L (9 o’clock)

S6 Kick, Kick & Rock back, Recover, Touch/Scuff, Double hips, Stomp, Clap
1 2&Kick R forward x 2 & Rock R back
3 4Recover weight on L, Touch/scuff R together
5&6Step forward on R bumping hips forward & back, forward
7 8Stomp L together (keep weight on R), Clap Hands

S7 L45 & L Tog, R 45 & R Tog, L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap
1&2Touch L heel forward at 45° & step L together, Touch R heel forward at 45°
&Step R together
3 4Step L forward, Pivot ½ R (3 o’clock))
5 6Stomp L forward, Stomp R to side
7 8Clap hands, Clap hands


Finish: Wall 7, dance to count 46 (facing 9 o’clock), then turn ¼ R stomping L to side, Clap hands.


Last Update - 31 Aug 2022


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