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Me On You

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) - April 2022
Me on You - Josh Kiser : (iTunes and Spotify)
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#32 count Intro

S1: Rock R Behind, Recover, R Side Shuffle, L Across, R to Side-¼ L, Shuffle Back
1 2Rock R behind L, Recover weight on L
3&4Side Shuffle to R (Angle body 1/8 R) - RLR
5Step L across R (straightening up to 12 o’clock),
6Step R to side turning ¼ L (9 o’clock)
7&8Shuffle back on L - LRL

S2: Back Dip Down/Up, Fwd Dip Down/Up, Step R Fwd, Drag, Shuffle Fwd
1 2(dipping motion, ie down/up) Step R back bending R knee (down), Straighten R knee rocking R back (Up)
3 4(dipping motion, ie down/up) Bend R knee (down), Step/rock forward onto L straightening R knee (Up)
5 6Step R forward, Drag L towards R
7&8Shuffle forward on L - LRL

S3: 2 x ½ L Pivots, R Fwd, L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, L Fwd
1234Step R forward, Pivot ½ L, Step R forward, Pivot ½ L (9 o’clock)
5 6Step R forward, Step L forward
7 8Pivot ½ R, Step L forward (3 oclock)
RESTART HERE ON WALL 3 (see “Note” below)

S4: Rock/Sway Side R, Recover, R Behind, Rock/Sway Side L, Recover, L Behind, Rock/Sway Side R, Recover
1 2Rock/sway R to side, Roll body slightly R as Recover weight on L
3 4Step R behind, Rock/Sway L to side
5 6Roll body slightly L as recover weight on R, Step L behind
7 8Rock/Sway R to side, Roll body slightly R as recover weight on L (body should now be facing at angle to start again


Note: (For Restart Only) On count 24 step L foot to L side (not forward).

TO FINISH: ON WALL 9, DANCE TO COUNT 30 (step L behind)(should be facing 3 o’clock wall) THEN STEP R TO R SIDE SWAYING R, SWAY L, SWAY R TURNING ¼ L


Last Update – 27 June 2022


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