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Love Grows Wild 4-2 (P)

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Paw Hessellund (DK) & Liselotte Øgaard (DK) - March 2022
Love Grows Wild - Alex Nyborg Madsen & A Circle Of Friends : (iTunes)
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Restated as a Coupledance by Torben Larsen & Charlotte Friis El-Paso Coupledancers Stevns - May 2022
Position Sweetheart facing LOD – Same footwork throughout.
Intro: 32 Counts – No tags & Restarts.

S1. Heel Strut, Heel Strut, Side Mambo. Heel Strut, Heel Strut, Side Mambo.
1&2&Step Right heel fwd. step foot down on Right, Step left Heel Fwd. Step foot down on Left.
3&4Rock right to right side, Recover on Left, step right beside left.
5&6&Step left heel Fwd. step foot down on left. Step right Heel Fwd. step foot down on right.
7&8Rock left to left side, recover on right, step left beside right.

S2. Fwd. Tap, Back, Kick, Back Touch, Fwd. Step ¼ (L) Cross, Hinge (R) Cross.
1&2&Step Fwd. on right, Tap left behind right, Step back on Left, kick right Fwd.
3&4Step Back on right, Touch left beside right, Step Fwd. on Left.
5&6Step Fwd. on right, turn ¼ left, Cross right over left. (ILOD)
Release left hands. Lady behind Man.
7&8Turn ¼ right, by stepping back on left, turn ¼ right by stepping right to right, Cross left over right. (OLOD)
Release left hands - Lady goes under right arm - Man behind Lady.

S3. Rumba Fwd. Behind Side ¼ turn, Step Fwd. Step Lock Step Fwd.
1&2Step right to right side, step left beside right. Step Fwd. on right.
3&4Step left to left side, Step right beside left, step back on left.
5&6Cross R behind left, make 1/4 turn left stepping forward left, step forward right. (LOD)
7&8Step forward left, lock right foot behind left, step left forward.

S4. Vaudeville. Heel Fwd. Heel Side, Behind Side Touch.
1&2&Cross right over left, step left to left side, touch right heel to right diagonal, step right beside left.
3&4&Cross left over right, step right to right side, touch left heel to left diagonal, step left beside right.
5-6Touch right heel fwd. Touch right heel to right side.
7&8Cross right behind left, step left to left side, Touch right beside left.

Have Fun –


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