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Do Somethin'

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Wendy Lin (TW) - July 2022
Do Somethin' - Britney Spears
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Intro : 6X8
Restart:On Wall 3, After 48 Counts, Then Restart

S1. Out Out, Knee In,Step,FWD, Hitch,1/2 L Turn,Touch (Sit)
1-4Step RF To Right Side,Step LF To Left Side,R Knee In,Step
5-8Step LF FWD,Hitch RF,1/2 L Turn,Touch(Sit)

S2. Step FWD,Point,1/4 R Turn,Point,Together,Cross,Side,Knee Pop
1-4Step LF FWD,Touch RF To R Side,1/4 R Turn Together,Touch LF To L Side
&5 6 7 8LF Together,Cross RF,Step LF To L Side,Pop Both Knees FWD,Return Knees To Center

S3. Step,Touch X 2,Step Back R,L, Coaster
1-4Step RF To R Side,Touch LF To L Dig. Step LF To L Side,Touch RF To R Gig(Styling:Swing Hips)
5-8Step RF Back,Step LF Back(Option Swivel),Step RF Back,Step LF Together,Step RF FWD

S4. kick Ball FWD, Povit,1/2 R Turn,Jazz Box
1-4Kick LF FWD,Step On Ball Of LF Next To R, Step RF FWD,Step LF FWD,Pivot 1/2 Turn R
5-8Cross LF Over RF, Step RF Back, Step LF To Side,Cross RF Over LF

S5. Syncopated Vine,Together Touch,Side Touch, Swivel
1 2&3.4Step LF To Side,Cross RF Behind LF,Step LF To Side, Cross RF Over LF,Step LF To Side
5 6Touch RF Together,Step RF To Side,
7 8With Weight On R Heel & L Toe,Twist R Toe To R & L Heel To L Side,Return Feet Back To Center With Weight O L

S6. Walk R-L, FWD Step,Out, Out,Walk Back L-R, Coaster
1 2 3&4Walk FWD On R-L, Step RF FWD,Step LF Out,Step RF Out
5 6 7&8Walk Back On L-R, Step LF Back,Step RF Together,Cross LF Over RF

S7. Diag R Stomp, Swivel ,Stomp,Diag L Stomp, Swivel,Stomp
1-4Stomp RF To R Diag,Swivel L Heel In, Swivel L Toe In,Stomp LF Together,
5-8Stomp LF To L Diag,Swivel R Heel In, Swivel R Toe In,Stomp RF Together,

S8. Rocking Chair,povit 1/2 L Turn x2
1-4RF Rock FWD ,Recover,RF Rock Back,Recover
5-8Step RF FWD,Pivot 1/2 Turn L X2

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